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About WebIntelligence (WebI)

WebIntelligence, supported by the Center for DATA, provides more than 1,000 University System and campus employees with information to support decision making. Reporting areas include financial operations, HR and personnel management, student enrollment and retention, sponsored programs administration, facilities management and University Advancement efforts.

Attention UNH and GSC Student WebI Users

The data migration for the GSC and UNH Banner systems is complete. Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) will resume data refreshes/production updates to the WebI reporting environment beginning the evening of Thursday April 20. 

  • The expected status of data in the WebI Student Reporting areas, after the updates, is as follows:
    • Live Student Reports are available.
    • Updated WebI Student data will be available the morning of Friday April 21

Due to the data merger, we expect some impacts to UNH WebI Student reporting. During the merger planning process, the GSC-UNH Project Team made decisions regarding which data to include for GSC student records, as well as how these students would be coded for both past and future records. As a result, you may see differences in the structure of some reports, as well as new codes in the List of Values for report prompts.

A summary of new Banner codes that you may encounter can be found by clicking here.

Due to the volume of published reports, it will require more time to determine the full impact on existing reports and reporting structures. We ask that you verify anything that appears different or unusual on your reports with another data source. If you identify an issue with report results or have further questions, submit a WebI support ticket through TDx with the details and an analyst will contact you to assist.

In addition, ET&S is developing a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We highly recommend you reference this document/link prior to submitting a support ticket, as the solution to your issue may be addressed in this document.


WebI News: LDAP Authentication at Login Now Used by All Campuses

Effective July 13, 2021, all campuses will use LDAP Authentication at Login. This is a change for Keene State College and for Plymouth State University, who used Enterprise authentication in the past. The benefit of using LDAP Authentication is that the WebI password is the same password used for the Pulse VPN and other system-wide applications.

Webi login graphic

Starting immediately, login to WebI using these steps:

  1. Navigate to the WebI Login page (https://boxi.unh.edu/BOE/BI)
  2. Switch the authentication to LDAP (this should “stick” after your first login).
  3. Login in with the same username (NetID) and password that you use to login to the Pulse VPN.

Please note - if your WebI username ends with "_2" or any other "_#" (secondary accounts), please continue to login using Enterprise Authentication.

WebI Learning Resources


Please login to the VPN to view these:

WebI Quick Start Steps
recommended first steps

Report Reader Quick Guide
for those who run reports

Report Reader Quick Guide (New Fiori Interface)
for those who run reports in the new Fiori interface

Platform Search
to help you find your reports

Scheduling Reports
to run reports after hours

Report Creator Quick Guide
to create or edit reports

Online Resources

Report Reader Videos Tutorials
WebI 4-6 minute videos.

Best order for watching the videos:

  • Getting Started
  • Open and Navigate Reports
  • Refresh Reports
  • Save, Export, and Print
  • WebI 4.1 New Features

Demo of new Fiori Interface for Report Readers

Student Reports Tips

Knowledge Base (KB) Articles
Help with everything from login to tips and tricks for report creation.

Hands-on Training
For a list of hands-on training sessions, click here.

For Report Creators

In addition to the Report Creator Quick Guide...

Report Creator Videos Tutorials
Brief 6-10 minute videos for using WebI.

Best order for watching the videos:

  • Report Creator Part I
  • Report Creator Part II
  • New Features 2018 Part 1
  • New Features 2018 Part 2
  • New Features 2018 Part 3

KB Articles for Report Creators
these KB Articles are specifically for Report Creators

Let's Speak BO Webinar Series
register at this non-USNH website and you will have access to the extensive Let's Speak BO
Webinar library, including the webinar, 45 WebI Features in 45 Minutes

Quick Tips for Report Creators

The HTML tool released on November 18, 2018, almost eliminates the need for Java Applet. The Applet handles a few known issues (see below), has gridlines, and allows you to copy a simple table from one document to another document. If you need the Applet for one of those reasons, see the Knowledge Base article, How to Use the Java Applet.

Other features for Report Creators include:

  • Settings are persistent within your session. If you turn off your Data Preview Panel in the query window, it will stay off for your session.
  • You can apply subtotals where they are needed and omit them if there is only one row in the group (see KB article, Advanced Techniques for Value-Based Breaks).
  • You can add descriptions to your variables.
  • Calculation of elapsed time has been simplified with the DateBetween() and TimeBetween() functions (see KB article, How to Calculate Elapsed Time).
  • You can hide your table’s dimensions and measures.
  • Format multiple tables and charts at one time (see KB article about positioning tables on your report).

To learn more about these and other features, see our Creator Videos, or Creator Knowledge Base Articles.

Known Issues

See the knowledge base for a full list of known issues and error messages. New issues identified are:

  • Reports exported or scheduled to Excel -- When you open the Excel workbook, rows might appear compress. Click here for a fast fix to the issue.
  • Predefined Document Prompt Summary cells can only be added through the Java Applet.

If you encounter any issues not resolved above, please contact the EIM Support Team at https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=142 or by calling the IT Service Desk at 862-4242.

Additional WebI Information

  • Login info: Clients at all institutions will log in using their AD User ID and Password and should select “LDAP” in the Authentication menu.
  • Timeouts: WebI sessions time out if there has been no activity, such as refreshing a report, for 60 minutes. You must log in again to start a new session. Open reports in an active WebI session get timed-out after 60 minutes of non-use. You will have to close the report and re-open it.
  • Licenses: The licensing model allows 250 people to work in WebI simultaneously. If you try to log in and 250 people are already using WebI reports, you will get a notification to try again later.
  • Design Mode access: If you need to edit reports (remove report tabs or modify an Excel-friendly tab), you can request access to the “Design” tool by contacting the Service Desk.

Need Help?

Do you need more information or do you have questions? If so, please contact the EIM team at https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=142 or by calling the IT Service Desk at 862-4242.