Cybersecurity Committee

The Cybersecurity Committee’s primary purpose shall be to act on behalf of the USNH Board in fulfilling the Board’s cybersecurity oversight responsibilities with respect to USNH’s information technology use and data protection. The operation of the Committee shall be subject to the Bylaws of the University System of New Hampshire.

Full USNH Cybersecurity Committee Charter 

Cybersecurity Committee


  • Tom Nudd - USNH Chief Information Security Officer
  • Dr. David Yasenchock - USNH Director of IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance


  • Tucker Hurton - USNH Security Engineer - Research Computing
  • Joseph Gray - USNH Director of Cybersecurity Operations & Identity Access Management
  • Tracy Birmingham- USNH Legal Counsel
  • Kai Germaschewski - Associate Professor - Physics
  • Jim McGrail- USNH Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Elise Morrissette-  KSC Information Technology Group
  • Richard Grossman- KSC Senior Projects Director
  • JoAnn Guilmett- USNH Director, Help Desk Services
  • Ashish Jain- USNH Director, Internal Audit

Technical Advisors

  • Ted Wisniewski - System Administration Team Lead
  • Joseph Gray- Director, Cybersecurity Operations and Identity Access Management
  • Bryan Scovill - IT Manager - Telecommunications
  • Tomi Gibson - Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance Analyst
  • Kelly Sweeney - Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance Analyst
  • Colin Grebloski- Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance Analyst