RCC Rates

RCC FY23 Internal* Rate Schedule, effective 7/1/2022

  • Hourly Rate, Support $99
  • Hourly Rate, Software Development $99
  • Backups, per GB, per month $0.04
  • System Administration, per system, per year $718
  • App Hosting/Virtual Machine Hosting, per site/VM, per year $1,063
  • Enhanced Security, per system, per year $2,261
  • HPC Storage $183 per TB, per year
  • HPC compute node - addition to cluster - $1485 (15 hrs @ $99 hr)

*Please contact RCC if you are a non-UNH organization seeking services, as the above chart does not reflect our external rates.

Description of Services

  • Hourly Rate, Supprt – Work, such as Linux and ARC GIS support, performed by RCC staff that does not fall under the other listed categories of service.
  • Hourly Rate, Software Development - Software development performed by RCC.
  • Backups – Based on the most recent full backup for the month.  Weekly fulls and daily incrementals.
  • System Administration - Operating system maintenance including security, upgrades, patches, and system-level backups.
  • Application Hosting/Virtual Machine Hosting - Backups and software support for websites, databases, and other applications.  Application hosting on RCC hardware also includes use of hardware for development, preview, and production, system and network administration, and security.
  • Enhanced Security - Maintenance of firewalls and log monitoring.  Customers using RCC’s enhanced security servers also receive maintenance of the system and hardware.