Areas of Expertise

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 

For over two decades RCC software developers have been creating GIS based applications to map spatial data. In addition to utilizing GIS as a visualization tool, RCC has also developed modeling software to solve problems including a) temporal distribution projections of oil spill plumes and b) communication tower locations to optimize first responder radio coverage across the state of NH. The most recognized RCC GIS tool is the NOAA funded Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA®) that served as the Common Operational Platform to manage the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill. This tool continues to be in use today, and integrates static and real-time data to assist federal agencies in responding to environmental disasters. 

High Performance Computing (HPC) 

RCC’s Lenharth Data Center is home to multiple HPC clusters supporting research from sub atomic modeling to space physics. Premise is RCC’s current central shared HPC cluster and is based on the “buy in” model. This is a common model used across higher education that let’s Principal Investigators have priority access to the nodes they purchase but also enables researchers without funding to access the cluster. A new Cray supercomputer was installed in the 1 Leavitt Lane data center named marvin, acquired through a 2020 NSF MRI under grant AGS-1919310. Additional information regarding these clusters is located here: 


PmWiki | Main / Marvin (

The “BioMade” cluster went live in 2019 with 24 nodes and 228Tb of disk space. RCC provides the system administration support for these clusters including security, parallel file systems, power, cooling, and job queue management. We also provide facilitation support for faculty in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.

Scientific and Mathematical Programming 

RCC offers consultations for advanced modeling, analysis, and simulation needs. Our computational scientists can develop mathematical algorithms to solve the most complex challenges. If you need help solving a problem for which there is no software available, come see us! 

Software Development for Web, Desktop, and Mobile Devices 

RCC has a talented team of software developers who work in support of research at UNH.  Research-specific software may deal with large datasets, methods for data collection in the field, or algorithms used in high performance computing.