Box Migration Exploration

Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) is exploring the feasibility of moving cloud storage to Microsoft 365 due to changes to the storage limits and pricing structure of Box. We are currently in a discovery phase, analyzing Box use by individuals and departments, and the business processes that leverage Box.

In the spring of 2021, ET&S conducted a feasibility pilot during which individual ET&S staff Box accounts were migrated to Microsoft 365 services.

Over the summer of 2021, ET&S copied files from most student Box accounts over to Microsoft OneDrive. While these students can no longer upload or update files to Box, they can still access shared links, including those linked to course materials. The resources here are for ET&S staff and UNH students during this exploration.

Getting started

The same capabilities as Box, but fully integrated with a suite of tools for seamless collaboration across the university system. Learn more about M365 services and the migration feasibility study.

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Prepare for a smooth transition.


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What to expect during the migration.


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Review your files after the move.


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Moving to Microsoft 365 will leverage cloud storage that seamlessly integrates with powerful collaboration tools such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Word and Excel. Maybe you're wondering when to start moving your files? (No need! The migration will be fully automated.) Or what the difference is between OneDrive and SharePoint? (One is for you personal files, while the other is for your team.) Find answers to these questions and more in our FAQ or submit your own question through our feedback form.

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Open Forum

ET&S held three open forums in May to introduce the Box migration exploration project to the USNH user community and solicit feedback. Learn more in this recording of the May 14 session.

Pre-Migration Checklist

Take the following steps to prepare for the migration of your Box files.

  • Remove any files you no longer need.
  • Remove yourself from files or folders to which you no longer need to access.
  • Evaluate files you have shared with internal and external stakeholders and remove permissions where possible.
  • Capture your Box comments. Box comments will not be migrated to OneDrive. If you need any of the comments for your records or business processes, cut and paste the comments into Word or OneNote document.
  • Simplify the folder structure in your Box account — fewer levels = less time to migrate.
  • Discuss the group/departmental folders you and your colleagues share:
    •   The owner(s) of the group folder will be contacted regarding where to move documents. Decide where you want your shared files to be stored. This could be an existing or new SharePoint or Teams site.
    •   Consider what folders and files are still needed. How will your team members provide input? Who will coordinate the input and decision making?
  • Box Notes will be migrated to Word. Be advised that tables in Box Notes may not render properly.

During the migration

Depending on how much data you have stored in Box, your migration could take minutes, hours or longer than a single day. You will receive an email notification from ET&S once your migration is complete. Until you receive notification that your migration is complete:

  • Do not access migrated files in OneDrive.
  • Do not move, rename, or delete files or folders.
  • Do not remove collaborators or change permissions.

While the migration is underway

  • Your Box quota will be set to zero.
  • Your Box files/folders will be set to read-only.
  • You will not be able to upload new files or make new folders or Box Notes in Box.
  • You will be able to access, but not edit, your files. To edit a Box file during migration, you will need to download it to your desktop.
  • A folder named “Box” will be created in your OneDrive account.

Post-Migration Checklist

You will receive a notification after Enterprise Technology & Services has completed the migration of your Box files and folders to OneDrive. The notice will include:

Data Migrated

  • Folders Moved: [folder count]
  • Files Moved: [file count]
  • Data Moved: [data volume]

You should now be able to access and edit your files exclusively in OneDrive. The copies of your files that remain in Box will be read only, meaning you will still be able to view them, but you will not be able to edit them.

Review the migration

  • Locate your files in the “BOX” folder of your OneDrive account.
  • Review your files and folders in OneDrive to confirm your data appears as you would expect.
  • To report problems, please complete this online form or call the Help Desk at (603) 862-4242.
  • Notify internal collaborators at UNH/GSC of your completed migration and tell them to access all your shared files in the OneDrive “Shared with You” tab.
  • Send new OneDrive links to any file collaborators external to UNH/GSC.
  • Move any files that belong to a team or group to a SharePoint or Teams site.

Important Note

Only files and folders for which you are the owner in Box have been moved to your OneDrive account. If you do not see a folder in your OneDrive account that you expect to see, it may be because someone else at UNH owns the folder and has shared it with you. That shared folder will become visible to you when its owner is migrated to OneDrive. Until that time, you can continue to view the file contents in Box.

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