Enterprise IT Operations and Business Systems

Enterprise IT Operations and Business Systems
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Enterprise IT Operations and Business Systems provides the infrastructure to support IT services enabling teaching, learning, research, and outreach across the University System of New Hampshire along with direct support for applications used to support the day-to-day operations of the diverse business and student services units.

Enterprise Business Applications Administration and Integration  

The Enterprise Business Applications Administration and Integration group supports and manages the business applications used to support the day-to-day operations of the student services, HR, finance, and other departments .  

Services provided: 

  • Student Information Systems 
  • Human Capital Management Systems 
  • Financial Administration Systems 
  • Enterprise Service Management Systems 
  • Integrated Workplace Management Systems 
  • Department-specific Applications Support 
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 Grace Costa
Director, Enterprise Business Applications & Integration


Enterprise IT Infrastructure 

The Enterprise IT Infrastructure group implements and manages the storage, database, and computer infrastructure, the setup and administration of servers, email administration and collaboration services, and directory services that underpin all of our IT operations and services for the university system. 

Services provided: 

  • Storage Services 
  • Database Management 
  • Server Administration 
  • Application Installation and Management 
  • Directory Services 
  • Email and Collaboration Services 
  • Data Delivery 
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 Chris Schneider
Director, Enterprise IT Infrastructure 

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