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Campus Event Space Modernization

This project will improve the technology required to provide a successful special event. Specifically, a few event spaces from each of the main campus locations (Merrill/Hage/ Heritage/Holloway/ Mabel Brown/ Norma Walker) will be brought up to a standard such that the risk of damaging the brand of PSU/UNH/ KSC will be lessened. The equipment in each of these spaces is well over 10 years old which exceeds the useful life expectancy. ​

Classroom 2025

Conduct a USNH-wide campus classroom technology upgrade project to modernize all USNH learning spaces and lift them to the current technological standard. Provide support for innovation and low-stakes testing of new applications. Provide technology support so that our USNH faculty have adequate 21st century teaching tools to educate USNH’s students. This project is phased over 8 years; and this funding request considers the first 3 years.


Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) security requirements will be required at higher education institutions that already receive funding or plan to apply for grants with the Department of Defense (DOD). USNH has been working to implement standards and a secure enclave to meet that need. An audit needs to be conducted to ensure compliance and achieve certification.​

Cybersecurity Compliance Assessments

USNH Cybersecurity Assessments to identify regulatory and compliance gaps in FY 24’. ​
   HIPAA Compliance Audit
   Red Flag Rules Compliance Audit
   Disaster Recovery Test and Assessment
   CrowdStrike Pen Test, TTX and IR Retainer

Data Architecture

Develop data architecture that supports organizational ​objectives and enables effective reporting and analysis in support of the new ERP system. The project will involve identifying the technical items - such as data sources - the means to move data, and enabling design of a data structure that meets business needs.

Data Governance

Establish a framework for data governance that ensures data quality, privacy, security, and compliance across the organization. The project will involve refining roles and responsibilities of data owners, stewards, and custodians. The project team will collaborate with stakeholders to develop policies, procedures, and guidelines for data management, including data classification, access controls, retention, and disposal.​

Document Management System

Support the selection and implementation of a new solution that will integrate with our new ERP solution.  The existing ApplicationXtender product is not viable with a modern ERP solution.  Make sure we meet enterprise content management needs such as optical character recognition (OCR), automated document intake and processing, secure document lifecycle, and document retention and disposal rules.​

Enroll ml

Enroll ml is a machine learning recruiting product which will enable PSU as a pilot project, to be more efficient, targeted, and effective with our time and resources where human resource time is constrained in this area.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) Storage

The High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster is used by over 70 labs to perform research and available to faculty at all institutions. It currently has three storage solutions, all of which are unusable or inadequate, and must be replaced with a sustainable solution. To accommodate all HPC use cases and sustain long-term usage, a new storage system is required with an accompanying support contract that will address any potential performance or stability issues.

Marketing Automation Strategy

Consultancy engagement to determine requirements, goals, budget and feasibility of an enterprise-wide marketing automation solution set.​

Privileged Access Management Project (PAM)

USNH has approximately 9,200 managed systems and approximately 45,000 active users. A majority of staff & faculty have local admin privileges on their machines. This is a high-risk situation. A privileged access management (PAM) solution allows for the delegation of admin privileges while reducing risk. This project will also enable third party partners to have secure administrative access to the USNH environment.​

Registrar Course and Catalog Tools

Registrar Course and Catalog Tools is an extension for an additional year of the "CourseLeaf" product implementations to address licensing and consulting costs that were changed in FY23 and will be carried over into FY24 due to organizational changes in how we account for the expense. The project expanded CourseLeaf Catalog, curriculum management and Class Scheduler products across USNH campuses.

Security Camera and Campus Safety Technology Modernization

Improve campus safety and security posture through augmentation of security cameras and management system to improve analytical capabilities which detect falling, fire, and violent action. Replace the KSC dispatch and communication system. Replace federally banned cameras. Deter vandalism, which in FY22 totaled over $160k at Plymouth and Keene. The security camera and campus security technology refresh project is a three-year project scoped to update and improve the camera infrastructure of all campuses.

USNH AppsAnywhere

USNH AppsAnywhere facilitates easy, reliable, and equitable access to software for students & faculty, whether on-campus or off; making software available to all anytime, anywhere, on any device . A central landing page providing students with on-demand access to academic software, anywhere, anytime, on any device. ​