USNH Phone Upgrade

USNH Phone Upgrade

All USNH institutions will soon leverage the same phone system, which will improve the way we communicate with students, colleagues, and our customers.

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In 2021 and 2022, Enterprise Technology & Services will upgrade the USNH phone system to comply with modern standards. 


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Consolidating the USNH phone system will eliminate conflicts with the national 911 emergency response system.

Increased control of the environment means more resources are available to support customers, resolve issues and provide solutions. The changes help USNH: 
• Lower operational costs 
• Reduce the risk of extended outages 
• Improve operational efficiencies 
• Provide new capabilities 

Standardizing the USNH phone system across all institutions allows us to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs and time spent on upgrades, as all institutions will be on the same system. 
  • Reduce IT sustainment costs


ET&S is here to address your questions and concerns.

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ET&S will offer training resources to Keene State College for their new Avaya phones in spring 2022. Stay tuned for details.

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The USNH Phone Upgrade will include the following milestones:

  • Milestone: Convert the UNH annual maintenance from perpetual licensing to subscription licensing
    Timeline: August 2021
    Status: ET&S completed this work in August, which provides enough licenses to cover all USNH phones.
  • Milestone: Upgrade the UNH Avaya software to the latest version. This work provides the foundation for all future USNH phone work.
    Timeline: November 2021
    Status: Completed
  • Milestone: Upgrade the PSU Avaya voice mail system to the latest software. This will provide the foundation for all USNH voice mail system work.
    Timeline: December 2021
    Status: Completed
  • Milestone: Merge the PSU Avaya system with the UNH system. This work will bring the PSU system up to the latest software and provide additional capabilities not available on the previous version of the software.
    Timeline: January into February 2022
    Status: Completed
  • Milestone: Replace the Keene State College (KSC) phone system and upgrade the phones to VoIP. This step requires replacing all KSC phones and is expected to take several months.
    Timeline: January through spring 2022
    Status: Completed
  • Milestone: Install a phone system at Granite State College in Concord to replace the current hosted solution.
    Timeline: ET&S will start this work upon the completion of the PSU upgrade.
    Status: Not started
  • Milestone: Migrate UNH users to the new Avaya voice mail system
    Status: Not started


  • Standardized dialing for all USNH institutions
  • Improved 911 service
  •  Five-digit dialing between campuses
  • Reduced maintenance costs