Virtual Reality Demos

Parpak Animated

Professor John Tsavalas is working on the Parpak project with Dr. Robert Carrier using trimers to model antibodies and their movements. Of particular interest to the researchers is trying to discover why these molecules are prone to clumping together. Previously, this modeling had been done on an x-windows display, which involved giving the program various commands to rotate the data that they were trying to analyze. This made looking at the data difficult and tedious.

RCC was able to take data points from the project and plot them in 3D space using the A-Frame WebVR framework. With the help of RCC’s Virtual Reality Lab headsets, they are now able to explore their data in by flying through an animated model in full 3D. This helps them get up closer to the models and have a better understanding of how they are moving in 3D space.

A-Frame Streaming Keyframes Component

Electromagnetic Fields