Parker Media Lab (PML)

Image of the Parker Media Lab (PML)

The Parker Media Lab (PML) is an interdisciplinary audio and visual self-service recording space located in the Dimond Library. The PML was designed to support the creation of professional, academically-focused content and is available for use by any University of New Hampshire (UNH) student, staff, or faculty member. The space includes:

  • A One Button Studio for video recording, complete with a camera, audio equipment, and lights;
  • A Lightboard (transparent whiteboard), to support presentations and content delivery;
  • A Mac computer with advanced editing capabilities;
  • A Whisper Room (sound isolation studio) with two professional quality microphones and headsets.

The Parker Media Lab (PML) is located on the second floor of the Dimond Library, room 237. It is available for self-service use during all Dimond Library operating hours. Please log in and complete a reservation request form (Dimond Library - Parker Media Lab) to book the Parker Media Lab (PML).




Image of the Parker Media Lab (PML)

Equipment Check Out

The Parker Media Lab also provides an equipment check out service, including DSLR cameras, video recorders, and tripods. All equipment is available to students, faculty, and staff for three days at no cost. The equipment is for use in and around the UNH campus.

To borrow equipment, please navigate to the web checkout form and select Parker Media Lab to schedule a time and/or select your equipment for pickup. All equipment is located in Dimond Library, Level G.

 BORROW Video or Audio Equipment



Image of the Parker Media Lab (PML)


For all other questions or requests for training, please submit a ticket to the Teaching and Learning Technologies team.

Parker Media Lab (PML) Location: 237 Dimond Library, Self-Service Recording Room

Audio/Video Equipment Checkout Location: Dimond Level G, Front Desk

Please note: Enterprise Technology and Services (ET&S) does not provide production work. Contact to review a list of contractors.


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