Before Migration

Pre-Migration Checklist

Take the following steps to prepare for the migration of your Box files.

  • Remove any files you no longer need.
  • Remove yourself from files or folders to which you no longer need to access.
  • Evaluate files you have shared with internal and external stakeholders and remove permissions where possible.
  • Capture your Box comments. Box comments will not be migrated to OneDrive. If you need any of the comments for your records or business processes, cut and paste the comments into Word or OneNote document.
  • Simplify the folder structure in your Box account — fewer levels = less time to migrate.
  • Discuss the group/departmental folders you and your colleagues share:
    •   The owner(s) of the group folder will be contacted regarding where to move documents. Decide where you want your shared files to be stored. This could be an existing or new SharePoint or Teams site.
    •   Consider what folders and files are still needed. How will your team members provide input? Who will coordinate the input and decision making?
  • Box Notes will be migrated to Word. Be advised that tables in Box Notes may not render properly.