Disaster Recovery

Preparing for and responding to events that disrupt services and/or damage infrastructure is key to maintaining reliable service quality and availability.

  • Disaster Recovery focuses on the procedures and resources to be used to recover from a catastrophic event
  • Business Continuity Planning determines your department’s action while needed services or infrastructure is unavailable.


Communicating with IT During a Disaster

During a disaster:

IT will utilize customary communication mechanisms to communicate with the USNH Community as long as the disaster does not impact Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) operations and the ET&S Service Desk. These are the same mechanisms that are routinely used to post information about scheduled service outages, phishing and scam attempts, and major service changes. Depending on the severity of such events, these mechanisms include one or more of the following:

  • alerts posted to the IT or UNH web page
  • directed communication through email
  • special greetings at the IT Service Desk phone number
  • telephone alerts to key representatives of major service providers and client groups.


During an event that disables IT operations:

ET&S will utilize alternate communication mechanisms available through the University Emergency Group, the backup UNH web page that will be activated if the primary UNH web site is unreachable, or backup email services (WES). Where possible, cell phones will also be employed.

In a situation where no IT services are available, IT will post printed updates in the Durham student Memorial Union Building, or other central location if the MUB is not accessible.

  • IT Service Desk: (603) 862-4242, hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am to 5:00pm

USNH IT Disaster Plan

USNH Information Technology is a member of the University Emergency Group, (UEG) and maintains specific and comprehensive disaster recovery plans for key IT services.  USNH Faculty and Staff are encouraged to review the USNH IT Disaster Recovery (DR) plan at least yearly.  Access to these documents is restricted so check with your leadership on where to locate the information.

IT's role in the UEG is to facilitate communication during emergencies by providing communication services such as Directed Communication, redundant email services, also known as WES, and emergency web page hosting. 

For more information, contact USNH ET&S Cybersecurity via the USNH Cybersecurity Request Form.