Sponsored Accounts Standard

1 Overview

Sponsored accounts may be requested for individuals supporting official University System of New Hampshire (USNH) business. These accounts remain active for the duration of the guest’s relationship with the university system. Sponsored accounts needed for longer than a year must be renewed annually. Sponsored accounts must be sponsored by a USNH faculty or staff employee. If the sponsor retires or leaves the university, the guest or/and sponsor must find another sponsor for their account.

2 Requesting a Sponsored Account

Managers, faculty, program coordinators, and other employees can request a sponsored account which provides access to USNH resources to individuals not employed by the system. Vendors, contractors, volunteers, visitors, and auditors are examples of sponsored accounts. Sponsored accounts will not be used for potential employees and all employees will need to complete all required HR processes before account access is granted.

3 Employee and Students Accounts

Human resources and admissions coordinate these accounts with USNH Enterprise Technology and Services (ET&S).

4 Process Sponsored Accounts

1. Go to the USNH Accounts Web Page - https://accountsmanagement.unh.edu/ams/cgibin/ams/ams_app

2. Must have an active USNH account to either request to add, change, or delete a Sponsored Account.

3. You will need to verify your information (Sponsor), agree to the terms of use, and submit the Sponsored information.

USNH has four types of Sponsored Accounts:

  • New Sponsored User - To request access to USNH IT accounts for a non-USNH-Employee who has business at the University System of New Hampshire.
  • Group Sponsorship Request - To request access to accounts for a group of non-USNH persons with business at the University System of New Hampshire.
  • DSR Request - This form is used to request Designated Sponsor Representative (DSR) status to act as a Sponsor on behalf of a Dean, Vice President, Provost and Executive Vice President, or the University President. Upon electronic approval by the Sponsor, a DSR may act on the Sponsor's behalf for the specified department(s).
  • New International Scholar - To assign an ID # for newly non-paid International Scholars of USNH. Refer international students to: The Office of International Students & Scholars Conant Hall 315 10 Library Way Durham, NH 03824 (603) 862-1288 oiss@unh.edu.

5 USNH Sensitive Information

Requests for vendor/emergency sponsored accounts to all sensitive systems must be documented according to standard practice and maintained on file, include access attributes for the account, be approved by the System Owner and communicated to the Information Security officer and must include and expire after a predetermined period, based on sensitivity and risk. Sponsored accounts may be used on non-sensitive systems where the System Owner has determined their use to be safe and necessary.

  • Drafted: Dave Yasenchock. February 1, 2022
  • Revised, USNH Cybersecurity GRC Standards Committee, February 3, 2022
    • Revised, K Sweeney, June 06, 2023
    • Revised formatting, K Sweeney, May 30, 2024
  • Reviewed by: Dr. David Yasenchock, Director Cybersecurity GRC, February 9, 2022
  • Approved by: Thomas Nudd, Chief Information Security Officer, February 10, 2022