Tableau at USNH

About Tableau

Tableau is data visualization software that lets you easily connect to data and use it to create interactive, sharable dashboards. The Center for DATA began offering Tableau visualization services to the USNH community in Spring 2016.

Tableau software options are available through IT for USNH departments that demonstrate a valid business need. Tableau offers programs for Students, Faculty, and non-commercial Researchers directly. 

Tableau Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Tableau software?

Departments with a valid business need may be eligible for a licensed copy of Tableau Desktop Professional and access to the secure Tableau Server. To discuss using Tableau, contact the Center for DATA using our web form. We will respond to discuss your needs.

StudentsFaculty, and non-commercial Researchers can visit the Tableau website for more details about obtaining a free version of Tableau for educational use.

Tableau offers a free public version of its software for anyone who doesn’t meet the requirements for a Center for DATA managed license or an educational license from Tableau.

If you have already been in touch with the Center for DATA and have been approved to set up an account, please visit the IT Accounts Request Page (you can use these instructions to guide you through the process).

Who can interact with Tableau projects at USNH?

USNH has two types of clients who use our Tableau Server: those who develop data visualizations and those who interact with data visualizations that developers create. Developers may choose groups of interactors within the USNH community and grant them access to Tableau visualizations on the USNH Server. Developers that need to reach a wider audience can use Tableau public to distribute their work to the general public.

What’s the difference between Tableau Professional and Tableau Public?

Title Tableau Professional edition Tableau Public edition
Free for anyone to use No Yes
File save options Tableau Server, Tableau Public server, or locally Tableau Public server
Data source options Wide variety of server and file types Excel, text or Access files
Who can access output Only those granted access Anyone with internet access
Has an installed Desktop tool Yes Yes

For academic use, we encourage you to visit the Tableau website to learn more about free Desktop Professional licenses for instructors and students.

Where can I find Tableau learning resources?

Please visit the Tableau Developer Resources section of this page for training schedules, knowledge base articles best practices guides and must-read information for Tableau Developers.

What data can Tableau use?

Tableau can connect to key enterprise data or departmental data, from sources including:

  • Content on servers, such as Oracle, MySQL, Salesforce, Google Analytics and Microsoft PowerPivot
  • Content from files, such as spreadsheets, text files or MS Access files

How does Tableau Server work?

USNH institutions have two types of clients who use Tableau Server: those who develop data visualizations and those who interact with data visualizations that developers create.

Any clients who use data that cannot be made completely public and/or need a secure way to share visualizations with USNH stakeholders can use Tableau Desktop along with USNH's Tableau Server. Tableau Server securely distributes workbooks, which others in the USNH community can access with a web browser or mobile device. It allows developers to edit worksheets & dashboards, and to schedule automated data refreshes and get data subscriptions. The Center for DATA team works with developers to maintain groups of interactors that need access to visualization projects stored on the server.

To discuss connecting to Tableau Server at a USNH institution, contact the Center for DATA using our Team Dynamix Tableau support request form. We will respond to discuss your needs.

How do I request access to Tableau visualizations as an interactor?

Individual Tableau developers control access to their Tableau content on the server. Please contact the department that developed the visualization you are interested in for permission before requesting interactor access through the IT accounts management system (you can use these instructions to guide you through the accounts management request process).

How do developers add interactors to a Tableau project?

Developers must approve access for all interactors. Developers can request access on an interactor’s behalf through the IT accounts management system. Alternatively, developers can send a list of approved interactors to the Center for DATA team and then instruct interactors to use the IT accounts management system to request access on their own. These instructions guide users through the accounts management request process.

For assistance adding larger groups of interactors, more than 20 at once, please use our Tableau support request form.

Tableau Developer Resources

Tableau Server Upgraded to 2022.3.6

The Tableau Production Server was upgraded from version 2021.4.13 to 2022.3.6 on June 15, 2023. Tableau developers were given the following information on updating their Tableau Desktop application to version 2022.3.6 (Server is currently at 2022.3.6; the desktop version of at least 2022.3.6 is now required for developers, but we recommend that Developers not upgrade beyond 2022.3 until we notify you that the server is also beyond 2022.3)

Windows System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer (64-bit), Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor or newer, 2 GB memory, 1.5 GB minimum free disk space

Mac System Requirements: iMac/MacBook computers 2009 or newer, OSX 10.11 or newer, 1.5 GB minimum free disk space

For additional information about 2022.3, including descriptions of new features, please see these Tableau pages:

Downloads and Release Notes

New Features

Tableau Learning Resources


Knowledge Base Articles
These articles help with everything from troubleshooting UNH Tableau Server access to tips and tricks for Developers (Tableau's Knowledge Base)

USNH’s Tableau Acceptable Use Policy
All developers are required to read and sign off on this policy before using the USNH Tableau Server

Newsletter Archive
Read back issues of Tableau at UNH News, a semi-monthly newsletter for UNH's tableau Developers.

Online Resources

Tableau training from LinkedIn Learning:

Tableau Essential Training

Self-paced learning guides from Tableau:

Tableau Quickstarts

Tableau Starter kits

Tableau Knowledge Base

Tableau YouTube Channel

Local Tableau user groups:

Southeast NH   ?   Maine   ?   Boston

Technical Assistance 

Technical Assistance: To schedule a session or request a virtual UNH Tableau developer meet-up, submit a ticket.

Additional Tableau Information

  • Server login info: Developers and Interactors must be logged on to the VPN in order to access Once connected, users will be challenged for their AD User ID and Password.
  • Licenses: The Center for DATA team gives access to Tableau Desktop professional Software in support of a valid business need. Access may be revoked or changed appropriately if: a) employment with the University ends; b) professional responsibilities no longer require Tableau Server or a Tableau Desktop Pro license; or c) the scope of required access changes. In addition, if a Tableau developer does not actively develop content on Tableau Server with Tableau Desktop Pro within three or more months of receiving it, the Center for DATA may revoke their Tableau Desktop Pro license.

Do you need more information or do you have questions? If so, please contact the information technology service desk (862-4242).