Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions. You can also browse our self-help knowledge base or contact the Help Desk.

Where can I get help with WebIntelligence reports and WebI?
WebIntelligence (WebI) Reporting

How do I request WebI or Tableau account?
Request an Account

Where can I request access to WebI reports?
Request Access

How can I get help with existing Tableau accounts, consultations for new developers, and Tableau project administration & technical assistance?
Data Visualization (Tableau) Support

Where can I request data?
Data, Analytics, and Reporting

How can I get assistance with Salesforce CRM?
Constituent Relationship Management Support

How can I get assistance with Directed Communications/Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Directed Communications Support

Where can I request help with, or gain access to, Advancement systems and/or data?
Enterprise Advancement IT Support

How do I report a cybersecurity incident?
Call your institutional Help Desk and alert the support technician that you need to report a cybersecurity incident.

  • GSC - 1-888-372-4270
  • Keene State - 603-358-2532
  • Plymouth State - 603-535-2929
  • UNH - 603-862-4242

Cybersecurity Incident Reporting

Where can I find the cybersecurity policies?
All cybersecurity policies can be found on the USNH OLPM located here:

How do I get desktop support help?
For break/fix services, installation of hardware or software, virus protection and security, or device lifecycle management request assistance through the Desktop Support Form

How do I purchase a computer?
Faculty and staff may purchase a computer through USHOP. Navigate to the USNH computer purchasing page.  

How do I retire my institutionally owned department computer or technology surplus?
The UNH IT Safe Electronic Equipment Disposal (SEED) program provides for the disposal of surplus equipment containing data storage, including computers and mobile devices, as well as equipment containing circuit boards such as monitors, printers, peripherals, scientific equipment, and audio-visual equipment.

How do I get help with Microsoft M365 software products? 
Microsoft 365, Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams applications also support creating and sharing files with products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft is providing training for USNH customers.

How do I get help with a student cluster or computer lab support? 
The UNH Student Computing Labs/Clusters provide Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computer systems free for use by all UNH faculty, staff, and students.  For assistance Submit a Technology Request

How do I get help for a problem with Banner, Colleague, or any other enterprise business application?
Contact the Help Desk for assistance.

How can my department submit requests to get assistance with creating new functions or capabilities within the Banner, Colleague, or other enterprise business application to help improve our office’s services?
You can submit requests for new projects via our intake forms:

How do I get IT Help? 
The ET&S Help Desk team is you one-stop shop for IT support. We are open 7-days a week. More information can be found here:

Where can I go to get in-person Technology Support?
The Help Desk Teams on the three Residential Campuses have walk-up support locations as follows: 

  • Keene State: Elliot Center, Room 243 
  • Plymouth State: HUB, Room 123
  • UNH- Durham: Dimond Library, Main level, Room 341 

How do I change my Password?
Visit and log-in with your Username and Password 

How do I connect my computer to the campus Wifi? 
Connecting to the USNH Wireless Network

My department has a need for technology to improve our services. How can I find the right solution?
The Technology Selection and Purchase process helps connect your business needs with existing technology solutions, saving your department time and resources.?To initiate a request for a technology purchase, for assistance in technology selection, or simply to ask a question about the process,?submit a request.?

How can our team get Project Management support? 
The ET&S Project Management Office engages and assists organizations and departments across the USNH community encouraging the consistent application of best practices across projects; and providing useful project management, process improvement, and business relationship management tools and guidelines. For a consultation, contact the ET&S Project Management Office

What is the Long Range Technology Plan (LRTP) and how are projects selected?
The portfolio of Long Range Technology Plan (LRTP) projects is reviewed annually, along with any new requests for LRTP funding. LRTP projects must have cross-institutional impact and serve a strategic purpose. If you would like to propose an LRTP project for inclusion in the next funding round, contact the ET&S Project Management Office for guidance. 

My department uses TeamDynamix. How can I get additional training? 
TeamDynamix?resources are available in the online?Knowledge Base?and through specialized?training classes.

I have no insight into my team’s workload, and we need to do a better job of managing the work as well as providing improved customer interaction. I’ve heard that TeamDynamix can help. What is TeamDynamix and how can I learn more about it? 
TeamDynamix (TDx) is available USNH-wide to all departments to enable better service management through: 

  • Supporting customers by providing an accessible interface to facilitate interaction 
  • Managing service requests and ticket tracking 
  • Automating business processes 
  • Providing visibility into the team's workload and current status of requests 
  • Managing projects and portfolios 

To learn more about the features offered in TeamDynamix, or if you are an existing user with a question, contact our ET&S TeamDynamix administrators. ? 

Q: How do I request Research Computing Center (RCC) support or services?
You can request any RCC support or services at or Email 

This includes:  

  • Grants & Estimates (HPC, Software Development, Data Management, etc).
  • Training & Support for High Performance Computing
  • Support for software such as Elements, Cayuse or InfoEd

How can I request training or support for my USNH website?
Training sessions are provided by Software Development staff during bi-weekly walk-in sessions. You can view the training calendar here:, Registration for the sessions is recommended, but not required. You can also report bugs and request changes to your website by filling out a service request: 

How can I get a website account?
Website account requests are submitted through the UNH IT Account Management System. 
If you are familiar with the process, you may log in and begin here: 

If you would like instructions, they are provided in the UNH IT Knowledge Base article: 

Attendance to an introductory Drupal training session is required before a new website account is activated. You can view the training schedule here:  

Where can I find information about the software development services provided by ET&S? 

I am having issues or have questions about Canvas, can I meet with someone?
Questions, issues, and requests for consultation related to Canvas can all by submitted through the Canvas Support form. This allows for our full team of Canvas experts to review your needs and get you the best support.

I am holding a hybrid meeting, event, or class, how can I obtain technology or training on technology to support this need?
USNH Community members (faculty/staff/students) can request audiovisual equipment, including Meeting Owls, and audiovisual technician assistance from Learning Space Technologies using the new Webcheckout Patron Portal. This request process is just if you need a technician to help you get started for your event or class. If you have a large event with a full-time technician to run the webinar or AV equipment, submit a request through the special events form.

I would like to use an educational technology application, how do I know if it is available?
See this link for a full list of all applications that are approved to be integrated with Canvas. This link contains the full list of academic software applications available to faculty and students. If you are not finding what you have a question on please call your campus Help Desk or submit a request online.