This week’s Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) Tech Briefing includes a handful of frequently asked questions regarding back-to-school and changes over the summer, support reminders, and training opportunities. In case you missed it, here is last week’s Tech Briefing.

FAQ for Back-to-School

Q: How do I change my password?

Visit the Microsoft Portal to verify your security settings, change your password, manage your devices, install and manage Office applications, and more.

Q: My campus email no longer works for signing into applications. What changed?

Most USNH applications now require students, faculty, and staff to log in with their Fully Qualified Username, which comprises your username followed by Please note: your campus email address remains the same.

Q: What happens if I have trouble signing in with my Fully Qualified Username?

If you experience trouble logging in with your Fully Qualified Username, please Clear the Cache on your web browser.

Q: What happened to the campus portal? It looks different.

In spring 2023, USNH launched a new portal to provide the campus community with a tailored, one-stop online resource accessible to all students, faculty, and staff using a web browser or mobile device. Make the new portal your home by visiting and signing in with your fully qualified username and password.  

Q: Where can I find classroom technology support?

Learning Space Technology (LST) wants to share six ways to get help using classroom audiovisual technology.  

  1. Call the Enterprise Technology Help Desk at 603-358-2532. 
  2. There are generally three types of tech packages in classrooms. Know the capabilities in your classroom 
  3. Review the instructions before you teach:
    Type I classrooms

Type II classrooms

Type III classrooms

  1. Request Support or report a problem in the classroom. 
  2. Don’t see what you need? Reserve additional classroom technology and portable equipment. Reserve your equipment for pickup  
  3. Book time with a technician to visit your classroom for a short training session: 

Also, please note: If your laptop has a USB-C connector and not HDMI, you must purchase an adapter. LST recommends an Anker Hub Adapter, a 5-in-1 Adapter.  

Q: Where can I find technology support?

As the Help Desk prepares to support our students, staff, and faculty return to campus, please review some important reminders about how to get IT Help.

  • Beginning Tuesday, September 5, in-person Help Desk support will revert to our regular hours at the Technology Help Desk in Elliot Hall, Room 243.
    • Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Telephone and Ticket Support is always available 24/7/365 via the Help Desk Client Portal: or by calling 603-358-2532.
  • When calling the Help Desk, please listen carefully to the voice prompts as our menu has changed and may change periodically as the support environment changes.  For Back-to-School 2023, the options are as follows:
    • Press 1 if you are an instructor with an emergency with AV equipment in the classroom.
    • Press 2 to be transferred to an Account Specialist - if you require help resetting your password or are an incoming student or new employee who needs help activating your account.
    • Press 3 to speak to the next available Technician.

To Do: Need technology help?  Find self-help options in our Technology Knowledge Base or reach out to the Help Desk at