Subject: Re: Part-Time Intern

Sender: Patel, Priya Kalpesh <>


AHEAD in conjunction with "University of New Hampshire" is looking for a dynamic Administrative Assistant who is Self-motivated and able to complete tasks independently and remotely to join our team. My name is Dr. Priya K. Patel, Clinical Counsellor for the dept. You have received this email to be considered for an offer from the University Office.

AHEAD is a global organization that is committed to diversity and inclusion and we provide care and help people in the community living with mental health conditions or physical disabilities. This is a virtual position which does not require you to travel to complete your tasks.

This is a very simple job that makes you work with our team directly to improve health outcomes by connecting people with the care, by providing access to services and supports to meet the mental health needs of students living with disabilities to help them realize their abilities

Pay Range: $620.00 per week and you can work remotely with a commitment of approximately 8hrs - 10hrs per week.

Benefits: This job can be extremely flexible and can be done remotely!

Schedule: Choose your own hours

For employment consideration, all qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their resume to: in order to complete our short application.

AHEAD, University of New Hampshire