Improved Student Reporting

ETS Strategic Communications
Students high-fiving

Web Intelligence (Webi) is a Businesss Intelligence reporting tool used by organizations for data analysis and reporting. The University System of New Hampshire (USNH) utilizes Webi for student, finance, and human resources analysis and reporting.

The Enterprise Technology & Services Center for Data, Analytics, and Technology Alliance (DATA) & Constituent Development Services provides information and analysis for data-informed decision making, planning, and evaluation across USNH, implements and maintains constituent development services and solutions for student recruitment and external outreach, and supports the efforts of UNH Advancement. 

In FY22, the Center for DATA collaborated with the PSU Registrar and the PSU Office of Institutional Effective (OEI) to create two new data universes using Webi to capture student registration and enrollment and a snapshot of student census data. PSU created the first census snapshots in the fall of 2020, and the Center for DATA pulled in, cleaned, and prepped historical student data to provide fall term data going back to 2013. This project improved efficiency in reporting at PSU and greater parity between USNH institutions in their reporting capabilities.

The creation of these two new universes created huge efficiency gains in PSU reporting and benefits the PSU registrar, OIE, and PSU leadership. R30 reporting involves a headcount of students that includes information on their degree, class level, and ethnicity. ET&S overhauled R30 reporting, enabling leadership to better determine where student R30 status.   

The collection of current snapshot PSU R30 data with historical R30 data in WebI facilitated reporting that involves looking back several years. These data enabled the creation of Tableau dashboards for the public on the OIE website as well as internal dashboards for leadership. The creation of these areas is also the first step in the process of getting PSU reporting out of Access and into WebI. 

As part of the project, ET&S provided WebI training for PSU staff.