ET&S Strategic Communications

CourseLeaf is a set of software products from LeepFrog Technologies and contains several modules designed to help higher education institutions manage their course data, including curriculum management, catalog updates and publishing, and building class schedules. This effort will help reduce the publication of out-of-date or incorrect catalog or curriculum information and streamline existing paper-based, email-based, or spreadsheet-focused processes with electronic workflows to make processes more effective and efficient.

In FY22, Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) started the implementation of additional CourseLeaf products across several University System of New Hampshire (USNH) campuses.

This implementation includes the following modules at each institution:

  • University of New Hampshire: CLSS (section scheduler) and Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM). Prior to FY22, ET&S implemented the CAT (catalog) module.
  • Keene State College: CAT and CIM.
  • Granite State College: ET&S planned work for GSC, but it was put on hold due to the impending merger with UNH. GSC will wind up using the UNH instances of the CourseLeaf products.

This project impacts all USNH staff who focus on academic programs and scheduling, including registrar’s offices, dean’s offices, provost offices, faculty senates, general education committees, or equivalent organizations involved in reviewing and approving curriculum, along with department chairs, faculty, and administrative staff involved in program changes and scheduling.

ET&S estimates 10%-time savings for academic administration and registrar’s office staff time spent on catalog, curriculum, and scheduling processes to be redirected towards more strategic efforts. CourseLeaf also offers superior processes for managing the academic catalog, curriculum, and scheduling processes to reduce errors, friction, and duplication of work. This product better aligns the registrar’s offices across the USNH institutions in terms of technology and provides tools that will assist in upcoming work to review and standardize catalog and other processes for the upcoming ERP consolidation.