ET&S Tech Briefing: KSC on 1/13/22

ET&S Strategic Communication

This week’s Enterprise Technology & Services Tech Briefing focuses on start-of-semester information.

How to Get Tech Support

Classroom Technology for Faculty

If you are teaching in a new classroom this semester and are wondering what technology is available, please use the following links to find further details about specific campus classrooms and the equipment you can expect to see in those spaces.

For Keene State-Classroom Standards and Comparison

Requesting Additional Audio-Visual Equipment, Including Owl Meeting Pro

You can submit a KSC Loaners & Equipment Requests online:

How to Request In-person A/V Assistance
If you would like to request a Learning Space Technology staff member to show you how to use the audio-visual controls in your class, use this form:

You can also call the Help Desk at 603-358-2532.

Zoom Updates 

Many new features and functions are available in Zoom, such as the ability to rename breakout rooms, have a two-way chat with waiting room participants, and much more. To learn more visit

Synchronous Online Remote in Residence (SOLiR) teaching with Zoom 

With the start of the semester next week, remember that integrating Zoom with Canvas is advantageous to provide options for instructors. Canvas is a centralized platform for you to communicate with students. Learn more how to communicate with students in Canvas by using this guide.

Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder – Branding Update
Kaltura updated their Capture Desktop Recorder application icon (see below). This branding change will have no effect on the recording functionality of the tool.

Photo of Kaltura Desktop Recorder icon 250px







Please visit the Getting Started page to learn more about Kaltura Capture.

Zoom recordings moved to Kaltura Mediaspace   

Zoom Cloud Recordings: All Zoom cloud recordings are now automatically transferred and stored in Kaltura Media. All previous meeting recordings were also migrated to Kaltura Media. These recordings can be accessed via My Media in Canvas or Kaltura’s streaming platform for KSC - Mediaspace. Going forward cloud recordings will only remain in Zoom for 20 days and those links should not be directly shared with users; you should provide users with the Kaltura link, which will never expire.  

Kaltura Mediaspace ImprovementsKaltura Mediaspace is now the primary streaming video and storage system for most of the KSC campus community. Think of Mediaspace as your own campus YouTube. You can use it to publish lectures, store audio and video files, share media and much more. Click here for an overview.   

Faculty and students can continue to use My Media for class related presentations and activities or choose to publicly share media using KSC’s Mediaspace.    

Please follow these instructions to embed Kaltura videos into your Canvas course or these instructions to publish and share a Mediaspace recording. If you are currently sharing Zoom cloud recordings, please transition to Mediaspace or My Media in Canvas to share your video recordings. The transition from your Zoom cloud recordings to your Mediaspace or My Media in Canvas happens automatically. However, if you need assistance, The KSC Digital Learning Team can help.  

Updates to EAB Navigate

EAB Navigate released new features that are available now.

Saved and Schedule Reports

You can now save and run Student Lists and Alert Reports with filters.

Click the link to find out more:

Updated Term Filter

EAB removed the Global Term Filter from Navigate and the localization of features throughout the platform that used the Global Term Filter.

EAB added three filters to the My Assigned Students table on the Staff Home page: List Type, Term, and Relationship Type. You can use these filters singularly or together to easily locate certain populations of students.

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