ET&S Tech Briefing: Granite State on 1/20/22

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This week’s Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) Tech Briefing contains new information and a reminder.

How to Get Tech Support

Zoom recordings moved to Kaltura Mediaspace 

To Know: In the past, Granite State staff had permanent access to their Zoom meeting recordings in their Zoom cloud storage. ET&S moved these recordings to Kaltura's Mediaspace. Staff can now access their recordings by logging into using their Granite State user account. Going forward, cloud recordings will only remain in Zoom for 20 days. Those links should not be directly shared with users and the Mediaspace recording should be shared instead. This change will allow for unlimited storage of recordings, something not offered via Zoom. 

To Do: Any staff who shared recording links that point to the Zoom cloud will need to update their links to point to the Mediaspace recording. 

Click here to learn more about Kaltura’s Mediaspace. 

NOTE: Faculty and students can continue to access their video files via MyMedia in Canvas. 

New Online Location and Easy Sign-in for Qualtrics Surveys

To Know: ET&S created a new online location for Qualtrics surveys and enabled sign-on with your Granite State username and password, making it easier to access. The previous web address still functions.

To Do: To access Qualtrics, go to and login with your Granite State username and password. 

Zoom Updates 

To Know: Zoom continues to improve its web conferencing tool by releasing new features and functionality each month. In recent months, Zoom provided users the ability to rename breakout rooms, have a two-way chat with waiting room participants, and much more.

To Do: To learn more about important recent updates, visit 

MyAccount Password Tool
To Know: In fall 2021, Enterprise Technology & Services implemented a new password tool called “MyAccount” which is used for managing your UNH user account and password.

To Do: Click here for more information and then register (if you haven’t already) at by logging in with your username and current password.

We hope you’re having a great semester!

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