Phishing Email: Subject = ATTENTION PSU STUDENTS:- Deposit Confirmation

USNH Cybersecurity

USNH CyberSecurity has received reports of a phishing email targeting PSU community members, being a fake job opportunity.

Email Subject = ATTENTION PSU STUDENTS:- Deposit Confirmation


Email Text


    1. $50 will be paid to you weekly
    3. Make payments, reply to emails, and purchases for <user name removed>
    4. . Provide general office support.

I am currently working on research that has to do with Combine principles of experimental and computational and experimental engineering mechanics and I need someone to work as my assistant for $500/week doing the above-mentioned tasks. This position is considered Category IIA: Not required on campus and can telework remotely for the duration of the University's response to COVID -19. An employee hired into this role will be responsible for providing telephone, printing and/or internet capabilities at the telecommute location and agree to the terms of the University campus and Health Academics COVID -19 Telecommuting Agreement and will work for just 1-2 hours a day, three times weekly. 

If interested, reply by sending your student ID, full name, major, address, best contact number, and alternate email. Be aware that Junior and Senior students will be considered with priority at this time.

<user name removed>

  • Professor of Health Metric Sciences, SOM: Health Metrics
  • Professor WOT, Health Metrics Sciences
  • Adjunct Professor, Global Health - Med
    If you received this email, please report it as phishing and then delete it.