Contributing to the Finance & Administration Restructure (FAR) Project

ET&S Strategic Communication

The University System of New Hampshire’s (USNH) financial services operations are currently undergoing a transformation. The Financial & Administration Restructure (FAR) Project will consolidate financial services activities and redesign related jobs and organizational structures throughout USNH.

Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) contributed to the FAR project by providing a range of support services, from redefining roles and access in the Banner Finance system to standing up new tools and functionality to better support the new Financial Operations Centers (FOC).

ET&S completed much of this work behind the scenes, setting up new account request processes to remove dependencies on the old financial structures; changing access and roles in Banner Finance; and providing tools to assist FOC users. For example, ET&S will soon roll out a new P-Card receipt submission system to simplify the purchase process. ET&S also deployed an accounts receivable module in Banner to help centralize billing and the intake of payments to the universities and colleges for non-student income.

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