ET&S Strategic Communications

Happy New Year, and welcome back! This week’s Enterprise Technology & Services Tech Briefing contains new important information. 

Updated Sign-on for Canvas is Coming on January 9

To Know: On Monday, January 9, 2023, ET&S will add Canvas/myCourses to the suite of USNH applications for which Microsoft authentication is leveraged. This implementation is part of a larger effort to improve and modernize the current user single sign-on experience. Once this project is complete, students, faculty, and staff can log in once for all USNH applications. After the implementation, the Canvas/myCourses login page will look different. If you are already enrolled in Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication, you may be prompted to authenticate.

To Do: Please confirm any Canvas bookmark you use points to If you experience issues with login, please clear your browser cache. Go to for instructions.

Scheduled Maintenance: KSC Internet on Saturday, 1/7

To Know: On Saturday, Jan 7th, between 7:30 a.m. and 10 a.m., the ET&S Network Team will replace the wide area network switches, which act as the gateway for all network traffic to and from the internet. This work will occur when the campus network sees the least traffic. While ET&S strives to minimize service interruptions, this work may disrupt internet service at KSC for short durations of the maintenance window. Please plan accordingly.

To Do: During the maintenance window, the campus safety phone line 603-358-2228 may experience service interruptions, but KSC Campus Safety will still be reachable at 603-209-6929. In the event of an emergency, please dial 911. 

New Unified Technology Help Desk Client Portal Puts Support for All USNH in One Place

To Know: Introducing the unified Technology Help Desk Client Portal, which empowers USNH students, faculty, and staff to search for solutions to common technical issues, request one-on-one assistance, connect with technical support staff, track tickets, and provide feedback to ET&S. This portal replaces the previous institution-specific portals, which will be retired and redirected to the new unified portal soon.

To Do: To view the new Help Desk Client Portal, go to

Retirement of WebAdvisor

To Know: ET&S recently retired WebAdvisor, as Self-Service continues to provide all the functionality faculty, instructors, and staff need to support students with registration, advising, and more.

To Do: Self-Service will continue to offer the same access and functionality that WebAdvisor previously provided for faculty and staff. To access Self-Service, go to or through the A-Z directory on Please update your WebAdvisor bookmarks to point directly to Self-Service.

Reminder: Cybersecurity: Online Data Security Training

To Know: Starting in 2023, the University System of New Hampshire will request that all employees complete an annual online training course on cybersecurity best practices. This program will be available through the Get Inclusive platform, and the goal of this online training is to increase USNH staff awareness of cyber threats and how best to protect data and information systems. Research has shown that many cyber-attacks result from unintentional user mistakes, and cybersecurity awareness training can significantly lower that risk.

To Do: Watch your inbox. You will soon receive an email from Get Inclusive with instructions to begin Data Security training. The training module is self-paced and will take around 20 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation. By learning to protect ourselves, we protect each other. 

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