Subject/subjects: my honest decision, Please reply as soon as possible , my regret , My tears , May the grace, peace, love, and the truth in the Word of God be with you


Hello Dear,  

I want to introduce myself to you, I am Ellinor Eliksander from Harlingen Texas USA but I'm based in Hungary. I'm 72yrs old. Please don't be offended by this sudden and surprising reach-out. But at this point I have no other option than to trust you with this as a fellow child of God who will not betray me, I want to hand over this noble project to you with trust. I have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It has defied all forms of medical treatment, and right now, I have only about a few weeks to live according to the last scan carried out on me by the doctors. I have twelve million, eight hundred and seventy thousand US dollars ($12,870,000.00) that I deposited with a security company in London, UK which I sold from my late husband company before I came to the hospital for treatment, as I'm about to die I want you to contact the security company on my behalf to release and deliver this fund to you in your country as my next of kin, I want you to distribute this fund to charity homes and less privileged ones especially women and children as my promise to God. I Will give you 25% of the total money for your assistance.


I accept this decision because I do not have any child or close relatives who will inherit this money after I passed on. Please I don't want you to say No to this project for the glory of God, and I will give you more information on how you will contact the security company because I deposited these funds in trunk boxes as personal belongings, so they are not aware of the content inside those trunk boxes. May the grace, peace, love, and the truth in the Word of God be with you and all those that you love and care for. I am waiting for your immediate reply