Legitimate Email: Important Information Regarding the Security of Your Email

This message is a follow-up to an email we sent in early August about an upcoming security-related change that Microsoft is making to its Microsoft 365 (M365) email and other services.

Microsoft will  discontinue support for “basic authentication” soon. Basic authentication puts your password and account at much higher risk than the more modern authentication solutions. 

To support this transition, Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) will begin disabling basic authentication on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

To Do:

  1. Make sure your mobile devices are fully up to date. Install the latest iOS or Android updates.
  2. If you use another mail application on your mobile device, switch to the Outlook app. Instructions are available for both Android and iOS.

What will happen when ET&S disables basic authentication?
Once basic authentication is turned off on your account, any device you have that is still trying to connect with basic authentication will be blocked. You will be prompted to log in again to access your email but may discover that you cannot log in.

Your normal laptop or desktop computer, especially a college- or university-owned computer that uses the Outlook email and calendar client, is almost certainly going to work. It is hard to know if your devices will still connect. You may discover that your phone, tablet, or another personally owned device no longer lets you access your M365 email or calendar.

What to do if you cannot log in
The web access to  office.com will still work and is a good workaround.

If you have an email application that cannot connect, you must remove and create a new email account profile on that device.

We recommend that you use the Outlook client application for iOS and Android, as we support this program and know that the latest Outlook applications work on all platforms and devices.
Check your mobile devices

Most of the connections we see for basic authentication logins come from phone or tablet devices. 

Both Android and iOS devices can use modern authentication. ET&S will support and assist you in getting the Outlook application set up as it is known to work correctly and has the best functionality.

For more information about the basic authentication change, please see our FAQ in the knowledge base:  https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/60/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=4233. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Help Desk
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