USNH Cybersecurity

Hello "",

I am largely aware of the very high and alarming rate of fraud going on around the whole world and a message like this will definitely bring up thoughts into the mind of anybody about the veracity of the information below and knowing that I just located you and we haven't really met each other before now.

I am very sorry for intruding. I am contacting you because you share the same last name with a deceased client of mine who died a few years ago. He left behind huge bank deposits with no will or testament. The bank has requested that I present any of his relatives to claim his money otherwise it will be declared as unclaimed and confiscated.

It is my plan therefore to present you to the bank as a relative of my late client so that his deposit can be transferred to you legally by virtue of the fact that you share the same last name with him. I am able to make this presentation possible and will guide you all the way until his funds are released to you. We shall be sharing the proceeds of this claim equally if you accept to work with me. I will share more details with you upon your positive response to my email. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,

Bar.Charles Morgan