KSC Tech Briefing: To Know and Do - Thursday, August 18, 2022

This week’s Enterprise Technology & Services Tech Briefing contains new information and training opportunities.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals Training for USNH Employees

To Know: ET&S Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, & Compliance is excited to offer a Cybersecurity Fundamentals course available to all USNH Faculty and Staff. The course will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. This optional training will help the USNH community better understand their role as front-line defenders, and the part you play in protecting the USNH community and information from cyber threats. Check out our Cybersecurity Awareness Training FAQ if you have questions.

To Do:  Contact us for more information or to schedule employee training. Training can be customized for your departmental needs on various information and computer security topics.

eduroam Reminder: The USNH Wireless Network
To Know: eduroam is a global service for wireless network access and allows USNH students, researchers, faculty, and staff securely and seamlessly obtain WiFi access at all participating higher-ed institutions worldwide. Logging into eduroam requires using username@keene.edu as the username and your password.  institutional email address (for example, abc123@keene.edu), not your personal email address.

To Do: To instructions on how to connect to eduroam, go to https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/60/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=3123.

USNH 2022 Virtual Lean Summit

To Know: The University System of New Hampshire and ET&S will host the USNH 2022 Virtual Lean Summit on Friday, September 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This event is open to USNH employees and will bring together Lean practitioners from higher education, state agencies, NH non-profits, and Lean practitioners from worldwide industries to share ideas, expand their Lean knowledge and discuss how we can conquer the obstacles faced on a day-by-day basis in these challenging times. 

MyAccount Reminder: Register Your Account Before Your Password Expires
To Know:
The University System of New Hampshire (USNH) MyAccount self-service tool allows you to manage your password and university account. With MyAccount, you can update your password and find your username and/or University ID number. If you forget your password, you can use the Reset Password feature to access your account.

To Do: All USNH students and employees should register their account recovery options via the MyAccount tool to avoid getting locked out. Follow these instructions to get started.

Classroom Technology Reminder: Changes Coming in Fall 2022
To Know: Enterprise Technology & Services Learning Space Technology is transitioning classroom technology from analog (VGA connections and VHS players) to digital display technology (HDMI). ET&S completed this project over the summer and all instructors must use HDMI. 

To Do: Instructors who still use VGA connections and/or VHS players should transition to HDMI by Fall 2022. If you have a KSC-issued computer, your device should have the connection and/or adapter needed to connect to the digital connections in the classroom. If you don’t have a KSC-issued computer, you’ll need to ensure your computer has a USB-C or a mini display port. For USB-C connections, a USB-C adapter will need to be purchased, and we recommend this one.  

If you utilize VHS technology in your course instruction, we recommend you transition the material to DVD format. You may contact Eric Shannon at 603-358-2722 or via email Eric.Shannon@keene.edu for more information.

Quick Resources for New Faculty and Staff