Legitimate Email: Subject = IMPORTANT – Adobe subscription renewal for 2022

USNH Cybersecurity

The following email is legitimate.

Email Subject = IMPORTANT – Adobe subscription renewal for 2022


Email Text

Good morning, <first name>

My name is <user name removed> and I am the Adobe Administrator for USNH. Part of my responsibilities as the Adobe Admin is the yearly renewal process. As you may know, all subscriptions, regardless of when they were ordered, expire on 1/18 of each year.

My records indicate that you have the following subscription(s):


This email includes a voting button to make your decision easier, and to help me track the data. Choose ‘Yes’ if you would like to renew your subscription; choose ‘No’ if you no longer need access to this Adobe product

Please note: Voting Yes or No is all you need to do to renew. There is no request or ticket needed, and please do not go to uShop to order your renewal. I will submit the renewal order myself.

Nothing will change if you choose to renew. Your subscription will carry on as if nothing happened. If you do not renew, your subscription will be removed no later than 1/17