UNH Tech Briefing: To Know and Do - 12/15/22

ET&S Strategic Communications

Today’s Tech Briefing focuses on new information, updates, and training opportunities.

Box Migration Update

To Know: Since our last update, ET&S steadily moved ahead with the Box-to-Microsoft 365 Migration. As of December 12, 2022, ET&S migrated 72% of all user data (323 TB), 83% of all accounts, and 89% of all departments. We expect to complete the Box -to-M365 Migration in January 2023.

To Do: If ET&S has not yet migrated your department, please stay tuned for important messages from ET&S and consider attending a Box Cleanup Office Hours session. More info on training at: https://at-training.unh.edu/apps/ssr.

Cybersecurity: Online Data Security Training

To Know: Starting in 2023, the University System of New Hampshire will request that all employees complete an annual online training course on cybersecurity best practices. This program will be available through the Get Inclusive platform, and the goal of this online training is to increase USNH staff awareness of cyber threats and how best to protect data and information systems. Research has shown that many cyber-attacks result from unintentional user mistakes, and cybersecurity awareness training can significantly lower that risk.

To Do: Watch your inbox. In the next few weeks, you will receive an email from Get Inclusive with instructions to begin Data Security training. The training module is self-paced and will take around 20 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your

cooperation and participation. By learning to protect ourselves, we protect each other.

MyWildcat Success Appointment Scheduling Update

To Know: Starting Tuesday, January 3, MyWildcat Success will have a new option when setting up appointment availability to indicate if the appointments are virtual or in-person meetings. You can choose your availability as in-person, virtual, or both. If you choose both, the student will choose which option works best for them based on their needs.

If you currently use a location or service(s) that lists virtual or in-person in the title, you will no longer see that option and will use the appointment type instead.

To Do:

  1. Starting January 3, when setting availability, you need to indicate the meeting type as in-person, virtual, or both. If you have previously set your availability, you need to edit the meeting type for those items.   
  2. Please update any student-facing documentation on how to schedule an appointment. If you select both in-person and virtual, students will be prompted to select how they would like to meet if you select both in-person and virtual (otherwise, the meeting type is defaulted to what you have set up for your availability).

Here is the updated KB article on how to set appointment availability: https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/60/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=923

Here is the updated KB article for student appointment scheduling:


IT Support Over the Holiday Break

To Know: ET&S offers 24/7 technical support, including during the holiday break.

To Do: Contact your campus Help Desk for technical assistance at https://www.usnh.edu/it/need-it-help

Have a safe and relaxing holiday break.

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