07 - 015 Non-Employee Travel


Non-employees of USNH incurring USNH business-related travel expense include job applicants, guest speakers, and students (both graduate and undergraduate). These individuals are subject to the same travel guidelines that are applicable to USNH employees.


  1. Non-employees may make their own travel arrangements at the discretion of the USNH department authorizing travel, provided they adhere fully to the USNH Travel Policy.

  2. Rental vehicles

    1. Non-employees traveling with USNH employees who rent a vehicle using their USNH purchasing card will have CDW and LDW coverage under the Master Card Guide to Benefits only if their names are on the auto rental agency contract at the time the vehicle is picked up. Travelers should verify coverage with the rental agency prior to allowing non-employees to drive rental vehicles. If in doubt, only the USNH employee renting the vehicle should drive the vehicle (see Procedure 7-010, Vehicle Rental Expenses).

    2. All other non-employees traveling on USNH business who rent a vehicle are not covered for CDW or LDW under USNH insurance policies. These travelers should purchase both the CDW and LDW and request reimbursement from USNH .

  3. Travel Meals: Reimbursements should follow the guidelines for USNH employees. (see Procedure 7-008, Per Diem Rates, Domestic and Foreign). The USNH business purpose must be provided to determine if the meal falls under the IRS Accountable Plan Rules or if the meal cost is taxable compensation.

  4. A non-employee traveling on USNH business, that has been approved by the Department Head may be reimbursed for mileage at the IRS mileage rate or a lesser amount. The business purpose must be documented.

  5. Special rules apply to foreign individuals who:

    1. Are not USNH employees,

    2. Travel on behalf of USNH either to or from the U.S., and

    3. Receive reimbursement for that travel.

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