07 - 119 Travel Reimbursement


The USNH Personal Reimbursement Form should be completed by the traveler or the BSC/Campus Travel Coordinator within 45 days of completing the trip. This form is available in two formats.

  • A blank USNH Personal Reimbursement Form is a plain form that is suitable to be completed immediately, or copied and distributed. Please print new copies often, as these forms will be updated on-line.

  • A blank USNH Personal Reimbursement Form in Excel format requires Excel 5.0 or greater. You may access this file and complete it within the Excel program - printing when complete, or at the point when signatures are required. Again, please access these forms as the originals since they will be updated on-line only.

Once complete, the USNH Personal Reimbursement Form must also be forwarded to the pertinent Department Head and/or Office of Sponsored Research for approvals.  Once all approvals are secured, forward the completed form, along with required and supporting documentation as follows:


To the GSC BSC


To the campus Accounts Payable Office


To the USNH Accounts Payable Office


To the BSC


For detailed instructions on the USNH Personal Reimbursement Form, see Procedure 7-120.

The official version of this information will only be maintained in an on-line web format. Any and all printed copies of this material are dated as of the print date. Please make certain to review the material on-line prior to placing reliance on a dated printed version. 

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