The System is governed by a Board of Trustees (the “Board”) whose membership consists of: seven ex officio members (the Governor of the State of New Hampshire, the Commissioner of Agriculture, Markets and Food, the Commissioner of Education, the Interim Chancellor of USNH, and the Presidents of UNH, KSC, and PSU; 10 members appointed by the Governor and Executive Council (an elected State Council); The President of the Senate (or designee), the Speaker of the House (or designee), two members who are students enrolled at and elected annually on a rotating basis by the student bodies of UNH, KSC, and PSU; four members elected by the alumni of UNH; one member elected by the alumni of KSC; one member elected by the alumni of PSU; and one member elected by the alumni of GSC. Terms of the elected and appointed members are for four years, with the exception of the student elected trustees, who serve for one year. Alumni trustees may serve no more than two consecutive terms; all other Trustees may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms. The Board annually elects its own officers, including a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.


Board of Trustees Officers for 2023-2024

Chair - Alexander J. Walker
Vice Chair - James P. Burnett III
Secretary - Kassandra Spanos Ardinger


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As a public institution, the University System is governed by a foundation of core legislation and managed via various organizational Bylaws and policies.

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