USNH Online Policy Manual

USNH Online Policy Manual
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This Online Policy Manual contains policies adopted by the University System Board of Trustees, the Presidents’ Council (also known as Administrative Board), the Chancellor’s office (also known as the University System Administration), and each of the USNH institutions, Keene State College, Plymouth State University, and the University of New Hampshire. We have published only those policies which the promulgating body determined should be distributed through this mechanism. Although every effort has been made to make this manual accurate and up-to-date, we can not guarantee that it is completely accurate. For further information about existing policies, including effective dates, please contact either of the individuals listed below.

Please also note that this compilation of policies is presented solely for the convenience of the user and is not a contract of employment and cannot be construed to establish rights beyond those provided for in the official and current policies of USNH and its institutions. The policies published in this manual are subject to amendment and repeal at any time and without notice.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the format or content of this manual, please feel free to contact Chad Pimentel ( in the USNH General Counsel's Office (603-862-0960).

For financial policies, please see USNH Financial Services Policies and Procedures.

Table of Contents

BOT - Board of Trustees
USY - Administrative Board
GSC - Granite State College
KSC - Keene State College
PSU - Plymouth State University
UNH - University of New Hampshire
USA - University System (Chancellor's Office)

USNH Charter
Board of Trustees Bylaws
Board Committee Charters
Mission Statements
Executive Council Charters

Citation Syntax

USNH policies are organized both by campus and by subject, and policy citations follow a specific syntax that reflects this structure.

For example, the policy citation "BOT.V.C.5.2.4" is parsed as:

CAMPUS SECTION in which the policy is found (in this case, the Board of Trustees).

TOPIC SECTION of the referenced Campus Section (in this case, Personnel Policies).

TOPIC SUBSECTION of the referenced Topic Section (in this case, Employment).

PARAGRAPH NUMBER of the specific policy, where each decimal point represents one level of indentation, or "nesting".

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