USNH Charter

(RSA 187-A "State College & University System")

Table of Contents

University System
187-A:1   The University System of New Hampshire
187-A:2   Components of the University System
187-A:2-a   Governance
187-A:2-b   Legislative Oversight
187-A:2-c   Identification Cards
University of New Hampshire
187-A:3   University of New Hampshire
187-A:4   Colleges and Schools
187-A:5   College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
187-A:6   County Programs
187-A:7   The State Fund
187-A:8   Payment of State Fund
187-A:9   Two-Year Course
187-A:10   Out-of-State Students
187-A:10-a   Consulting Center
Other Colleges Within System
187-A:11   State Colleges
187-A:12   Merrimack Valley College [Repealed]
187-A:13   Trustees of University System
187-A:14   Terms of Trustees
187-A:15   Operation of the Board of Trustees
187-A:16   Authority of the Trustees
187-A:16-a   Prohibition on Preferential Treatment and Discrimination
187-A:16-b   Freedom of Association
187-A:17   Investments
187-A:18   Special Funds for Self-amortizing Projects
187-A:19   Free Tuition
187-A:20   Tuition Waived
187-A:20-a   Tuition Waived for Children of Certain Firefighters and Police Officers; Room and Board Scholarships
187-A:20-b   Tuition Waiver for Children in State Foster Care or Guardianship
187-A:20-c   Waver of Residency Requirement for In-State Tuition For Veterans
187-A:21   Other Income
187-A:22   Reports
187-A:23   Motor Vehicle Regulations
187-A:24   John G. Winant Memorial Foundation
187-A:25   Tax Exemption
187-A:25-a   Audit
Public Higher Education Study Committee
187-A:26   University System Study Committee [Repealed]
187-A:26-a   Membership [Repealed]
187-A:27   Duties [Repealed]
187-A:28   Report and Recommendations [Repealed]
187-A:28-a   Public Higher Education Study Committee
187-A:28-b   Membership
187-A:28-c   Duties
187-A:28-d   Report and Recommendations
187-A:29   Aid and Grants [Repealed]
Industrial Research Center
187-A:30   Purpose
187-A:31   Grant Program
187-A:32   Oversight Committee; Membership; Duties
187-A:33   Funding
187-A:33-a   Company Default on Matching Funds
187-A:33-b   Fees
187-A:33-c   Equipment Purchases
Inventors Assistance Act
187-A:34   Statement of Purpose
187-A:35   Program Established
187-A:36   Annual Report
187-A:37   Inventors Assistance Program Fund
Selective Service Registration Awareness and Compliance Act
187-A:38   Title
187-A:39   Application
187-A:40   Responsibility for Compliance
187-A:41   Exceptions
New Hampshire Estuaries Project
187-A:42   New Hampshire Estuaries Project

Medical and Surgical Benefits
187-A:43   Medical and Surgical Benefits; University System of New Hampshire

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