Granite Guarantee

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The Granite Guarantee is a financial aid program that makes college possible for qualified New Hampshire students by covering the cost of tuition for up to four years.

This program defines the University System of New Hampshire's commitment to providing a world-class education at the University of New Hampshire, Keene State College and Plymouth State University.

This year USNH has expanded its commitment to New Hampshire students by offering the Granite Guarantee to graduates of the Community College System of New Hampshire as of December 2018 and beyond. The Granite Guarantee bridges the financial gap between a Pell Grant recipient’s total federal and state package and the cost of in-state tuition.

Here's how you qualify:
  • You're a New Hampshire resident
  • You're attending college for the first time, working towards a Bachelor's degree
  • You're eligible for a federal Pell Grant 

Transfer eligibility is institution-specific. Check with your financial aid office for specific guidelines for enrollment. We are happy to get you started.