Industrial Research Center

187-A:30   Purpose. To promote the economic well-being of its citizens, the general court finds it desirable to establish an industrial research center at the University of New Hampshire for the purpose of providing a mechanism to promote applied and basic scientific, engineering, and associated marketing research and technological transfer to support the New Hampshire industrial and business community. This center will provide the means for improving the competitiveness of New Hampshire industry and the upgrading and development of new and old products through the support and cooperation of the state with industry and business. The supported research, innovation and technology transfer activities will preserve and increase the number of jobs in New Hampshire.

187-A:31   Grant Program. To carry out the purposes of this subdivision the department of resources and economic development shall enter into a grant program with the university of New Hampshire to establish a Center for Industrial Research at the Durham campus. Through the grant program, the center shall provide applied and basic scientific, engineering, and associated marketing research capability and technology transfer in support of New Hampshire's industrial and business community. The center may pool its funds with those of other entities, either public or private, for the purpose of delivering services to New Hampshire businesses and industries. To be eligible to receive grant-funded services, businesses and industries must have an ongoing business within the state or an announced intention to locate a business in the state.

187-A:32   Oversight Committee; Membership; Duties.

I.   An oversight committee is hereby established to oversee the operations of the center. The committee shall consist of the following members:

(a)   The commissioner of the department of resources and economic development, or designee.

(b)   One member of the house, appointed by the speaker of the house.

(c)   One member of the senate, appointed by the president of the senate.

(d)   The dean of the college of engineering and physical sciences.

(e)   The university's vice-president for research.

(f)   Five members representing business and industry, 3 of whom shall represent small and medium sized businesses, appointed by the governor.

(g)   The associate provost for academic affairs of Dartmouth College.

(h)   One faculty member from Franklin Pierce Law Center's intellectual property, science and technology program, appointed by the law center.

II.   The members of the committee appointed by the governor shall serve 3-year staggered terms. The terms of office for other members of the committee shall be co-terminus with the term of office in the position that qualifies that member to be a member of the committee.

III.   The committee, in consultation with the board of trustees, shall establish criteria and procedures relative to the general operation of the center. Such criteria shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a)   Administrative leadership for the center.

(b)   Submission, acceptance and awarding of proposals for funding.

(c)   Cooperative agreements with neighboring states.

IV.   The officers of the committee shall be selected by the committee from its membership.

V.   The committee shall coordinate and cooperate with the appropriate state agencies.

187-A:33   Funding. Any center project utilizing state appropriations except for certain short-term, fee-based activities authorized by the oversight committee, shall match state funds at least dollar for dollar with funds generated by the center from the net income of any of the following operations of the center: the center's research clients, profit and nonprofit organizations, the federal government, or local political subdivisions. In kind and equipment contributions may be accepted as matching funds under criteria established by the committee.

187-A:33-a   Company Default on Matching Funds. In the event that a company defaults on all or a portion of its matching obligations, the state's obligated pro rata portion of the project costs incurred will still be paid to the university to minimize its losses for the work that has already been completed. The university shall notify the state within 45 days of the time a company's matching portion payment has not been received when due.

187-A:33-b   Fees. The industrial research center may assess fees on the business or industry involved with a project of up to 5 percent of the total cost of the project under RSA 187-A:31. The center shall reimburse the university of New Hampshire or Dartmouth College for its administrative expenses incurred out of these fees.

187-A:33-c   Equipment Purchases. Any center project which includes the purchase of equipment shall contain a provision that allows either the company, the university of New Hampshire, or Dartmouth College to retain possession of such equipment when the project is completed and the company has paid its matching share in full. Final disposition of equipment shall be agreed to by the company and the center and approved by the oversight committee in advance of a project starting date. A company which purchases equipment deemed necessary to the conduct of the project may count the purchase price as part of its matching fund requirement.

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