Selective Service Registration Awareness and Compliance Act

187-A:38   Title. This subdivision shall be known as the Selective Service Registration Awareness and Compliance Act.

187-A:39   Application.

I.   No person who is not in compliance with the Military Selective Service Act as provided in 50 U.S.C. app. section 451 et seq. shall:

(a)   Be permitted to enroll in a state-supported institution of postsecondary or higher education.

(b)   Be eligible to receive a loan, grant, scholarship, or other financial assistance for postsecondary higher education supported by state revenue, including federal funds, gifts, or grants accepted by the state, or to receive a student loan guaranteed by the state.

(c)   Having attained the age of 18 years, be eligible for employment by or service to the state or any political subdivision of the state, including all state boards, commissions, departments, agencies, and institutions.

II.   A person who has authorized the department of safety to submit information to the Selective Service System pursuant to RSA 263:5-c shall be considered to be in compliance with the Selective Service Act for purposes of this section.

187-A:40   Responsibility for Compliance. It shall be the duty of any official having charge of or authority over the hiring of employees by the state or its political subdivisions, and over state supported institutions of postsecondary higher education, and over decisions relating to the granting of state-supported financial assistance for postsecondary higher education as described in this subdivision, to assure themselves that applicants are in compliance with the provisions of RSA 187-A:39.

187-A:41   Exceptions. The provisions of this subdivision shall not apply if:

I.   The requirement for the person to register under the Military Selective Service Act has terminated, or otherwise become inapplicable to such person; or

II.   The person is serving or already has served in the military, or has a condition that would, under military rules and regulations, preclude military service.

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