University System

187-A:1   The University System of New Hampshire. The university system of New Hampshire is established and made a body politic and corporate, the main purpose of which shall be to provide a well coordinated system of public higher education offering liberal undergraduate education encompassing the major branches of learning, emphasizing our cultural heritage, and cultivating the skills of reasoning and communication. The university system shall provide for professional and technical 2-year, 4-year and graduate programs which serve the needs of the state and the nation; for research which contributes to the welfare of mankind, to the development of the faculty, and to the educational experience of students; and for its faculty and staff to bring educational resources and professional experience to the benefit of the state and its people. The university system of New Hampshire is authorized to grant and confer in the name of the university system of New Hampshire all such degrees, literary titles, honors and distinctions as other universities may of right do.

187-A:2   Components of the University System. The university system of New Hampshire shall consist of the university of New Hampshire, (including the New Hampshire college of agriculture and the mechanic arts and its other colleges, schools and divisions), the Plymouth state university and the Keene state college.

187-A:2-a   Governance. The university system shall be governed by a single board of trustees who shall be responsible for ensuring that its components, each having a unique character and educational mission, operate as a well-coordinated system of public higher education.

187-A:2-b   Legislative Oversight.

I.   The general court finds that because of the importance of public higher education, elected officials should be aware of the activities and needs of the university system, exercising their responsibility for legislative oversight through (1) the consideration by the appropriate legislative committees of proposed legislation pertaining to the university system; and (2) the consideration of reports filed by the university system pursuant to RSA 187-A:16 and 187-A:22.

II.   The general court also recognizes the need to protect the institutions of the university system from inappropriate external influence which might threaten the academic freedom of faculty members or otherwise inhibit the pursuit of academic excellence. To this end, the general court has delegated broad authority to the board of trustees who shall be responsible for managing the university system in a manner which promotes academic excellence and serves the educational needs of the people of New Hampshire.

187-A:2-c   Identification Cards. If a college or university of the university system issues identification cards to students, all cards issued after January 1, 2014 shall bear a date of issuance.

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