07 - 117 Travel Pre-Approval/Advance


The USNH Travel Pre-Approval/Advance Form is a document that can provide for pre-approval of a trip and a request for a travel advance in one form. In addition, if travel is pre-approved, reimbursement requests need not go through the same approval process if final costs are within the estimated amounts. This should allow reimbursement to the traveler to occur as rapidly as possible.

Although pre-approval of foreign travel is explicitly required for federal grant related travel, use of pre-approval can facilitate the reimbursement process in other funds as well as provide for budget planning needs. When requesting Pre-Approval for foreign travel on federal grants, please also include the proposed itinerary including traveler's name, destination, cost, airline carrier (federal awards require U. S. flag carriers or carriers with an exception to the Fly America Act described below), source of funds, purpose of the travel, and ticket classification (e.g., the coach, business, first-class, etc.).


  1. The traveler will complete and check boxes on the USNH Travel Pre-Approval/Advance Form as they begin to plan their trip. Forms are provided under Procedure 7-121 and on the Financial Services travel website that can be printed and completed manually, or can be filled out using a standard spreadsheet application. Either way, as the traveler estimates transportation, meals, lodging and incidental expenses, there are locations provided to summarize the costs. When complete, both the traveler and the approver will have a more complete picture of the total costs associated with the trip. Once the form is complete, it should first be approved by the appropriate Deans, Director, Department Heads. If the form is being used for pre-approval of foreign travel related to a federal grant, Sponsored Programs Administration approval is also required.
  2. After all necessary approvals have been received, either the traveler, BSC representative or Campus Travel Coordinator can make any necessary travel arrangements. Conference registrations can be paid with your USNH purchasing card and you can secure air or rail confirmation numbers from your preferred travel agent/Campus Travel Coordinator/BSC.

    Please make a note in the Description/Comment field next to the appropriate estimated amount of any item paid on your PCard. Also use the same space to provide your BSC/Travel Coordinator the confirmation number, agency and phone number for any air or rail fare. This will allow your BSC/Travel Coordinator to know if they need to pay for your registration fees and facilitate their efforts to get your transportation requests confirmed and paid in a timely manner.

    If requesting a travel advance, complete the Advance section and check the advance box on the form. The BSC/Travel Coordinator will process the request for the travel advance. Please be sure to provide your BSC/Travel Coordinator with sufficient notice to ensure they have at least 4 business days needed to work with Campus Accounts Payable to issue the travel advance via general Disbursement check/ACH. If no advance is necessary, you can skip this section.

  3. A blank Travel Pre-Approval/Advance Form is a plain form suitable for immediate completion, or copied and distributed. Please print new copies often, as this form will be updated on-line only. No forms will be printed and distributed by central offices.

A blank Travel Pre-Approval/Advance Form in Excel format requires Excel 5.0 or later. You may access this file and complete it within the Excel program - printing when complete, or at the point when it will require signatures. Again, please access this original since it will be updated on-line only.

For detailed instructions on the Travel Pre-Approval/Advance Form, see Procedure 7-118.

The official version of this information will only be maintained in an on-line web format. Any and all printed copies of this material are dated as of the print date. Please make certain to review the material on-line prior to placing reliance on a dated printed version. 

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