07 - 001 Introduction to Travel


USNH appreciates the efforts of those who travel on USNH business. An individual should not experience a financial gain or loss as a result of USNH business travel. USNH policy is to reimburse reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred for authorized USNH travel. Consistent application of this policy will:

  1. Ensure compliance with federal regulations and sponsor requirements,
  2. Enable USNH to better manage its limited resources,
  3. Ensure that reimbursement is fair and equitable to both the traveler and USNH, and
  4. Ensure clear and consistent understanding of the rules by which travel reimbursement will be provided, thereby providing the best service to travelers.


​Leaving campus to go to a temporary work location is considered travel. This is the subject of the procedures in Chapter 7.


This policy applies to employees and non employees who travel on authorized USNH business, regardless of funding source. If travel is being charged to a sponsored project whose terms are more restrictive than those of USNH, the terms of the grant or contract apply. Similarly, campuses or departments may elect to impose stricter controls over travel expenditures than those required by this policy. If the terms imposed by grants, contracts, campuses or departments are more lenient than those of USNH, USNH policy applies.


This policy is based on the honesty and integrity of the traveler. Travelers are expected to exercise good judgment when incurring travel costs, regardless of funding source. Business travel expenses will be paid by USNH if they are reasonable, properly authorized, appropriately documented with a well-defined, compelling business purpose, and within the guidelines of this policy. Costs should not be lavish or extravagant, but should be prudent, exercising the fiduciary responsibility entrusted in all USNH employees by the state, students, governmental and non-government sponsors, donors, and others who provide resources to USNH. All monies reimbursed will be for the lowest reasonable cost of travel given the particular circumstances. No portion of costs associated with personal travel will be paid by USNH. Travelers are responsible for familiarizing themselves and complying with this policy. The USNH Financial Services Office is responsible for oversight of travel policies, procedures, and travel expenditures. The campus grants/Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) office determines which travel expenditures are reimbursable under a particular grant or contract. These departments, along with the USNH Financial Services Office may delegate this responsibility to campus Business Offices or Business Service Centers as they deem appropriate.


USNH recognizes the unique nature of travel expenses incurred for fundraising, recruiting, team, and other specialized activities. If these activities necessitate a deviation from the stated travel policy, reimbursement may be obtained, provided written preapproval is obtained from the Campus CFO or designee and the Controller or designee.


Travel information may be obtained from your Business Service Center Travel Coordinator, campus Travel Coordinator, or the USNH Financial Services Travel website.


KSC requires receipts for all travel costs except tips for meals, taxis and bellhops/chambermaids. For all other divisions of USNH, travel costs of $25 or less per transaction do not require receipts. For example, receipts are required for reimbursement of the cost of taxis, parking, and other travel costs that total more than $25 per fare.

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