B. Affirmative Action

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B. Affirmative Action1

  1. Policy of Commitment to Affirmative Action
    1. The University System of New Hampshire is committed to seeking full participation and utilization of women and minorities in the workplace and all members of the USNH community shall act affirmatively in recruitment, selection and employment of women and minorities.
    2. The University System of New Hampshire shall comply with all state and federal legal mandates to take affirmative action in its personnel policies and practices.
  2. Adoption of an Affirmative Action Plan
    1. The Administrative Board shall adopt an Affirmative Action Plan and related personnel policies covering the University System and each of its component institutions. The Plan shall be consistent with all relevant state and federal legal mandates.
  3. Appointment of Affirmative Action Officers
    1. The Chancellor shall designate a University System employee to perform the functions of an affirmative action officer as required by state and federal law. The president of each of the component institutions shall likewise designate an employee to perform the functions of an affirmative action officer for his/her respective institutions.

1See, USNH Total Rewards Objectives, approved by Board of Trustees on Feb. 17, 2011

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