III. Administrative Policies

Table of Contents

BOT Board of Trustees :: III. Administrative Policies

A. Policy Development and Distribution

  1. Statutory Authority
  2. Delegation of Authority
  3. Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal of Policies
  4. Publication and Distribution of Policies
  5. Interpretation and Priority of Policies
  6. Effective Date of Policies

B. Delegations of Authority

  1. Delegation and Redelegation Authorized
  2. Responsibility for Proper Execution Retained
  3. Form of Delegation

C. Foundations Established for the Benefit of USNH or its Component Institutions

D. Municipal Services

E. Defense and Indemnification of Trustees, Officers, and Employees

  1. In General
  2. Determination of Eligibility

F. Legal Affairs

  1. Trustee Authority
  2. Delegation of Authority
  3. Legal Advice, Counsel, and Representation
  4. Retention of Outside Counsel
  5. Settlement and Appeal of Claims
  6. Periodic Reports

G. Maintenance, Retention, Disposal, and Disclosure of Records

  1. Trustee Authority
  2. Delegation of Authority

H. Naming Facilities and Programs

  1. Trustee Authority
  2. Delegation of Authority
  3. Board of Trustees Approval Required
  4. Factors to be Considered

I. Conflicts of Interest and Management of Dual Interests

  1. Scope
  2. Fiduciary Responsibilities
  3. Procedures

J. Public Safety on USNH Owned or Leased Property

  1. Preface
  2. System and Institutional Policies
  3. Reports

K. Fraud

  1. Standard of Conduct
  2. Reporting of Fraud

L. Conflict of Interest – Employees

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