VI. Property Policies

Table of Contents

BOT Board of Trustees :: VI. Property Policies

A. Capital Planning and Budgeting

  1. State Delegation of Authority
  2. Trustee and Financial Affairs Committee Authority
  3. Financial Affairs Committee Delegation of Authority to Chancellor
  4. Financial Affairs Committee Delegation to Administrative Board
  5. Financial Affairs Committee Delegation to Presidents

B. Property Aquisition

  1. Acquisition of Real Property
  2. Acquisition of Equipment, Supplies and Materials
  3. Gifts of Real Property, Equipment, Supplies and Materials

C. Disposal of Property

  1. Disposal of Real Property
  2. Disposal of Equipment, Supplies, and Materials

D. Construction

  1. General Policy Relative to Construction

E. Leasing of Property

  1. General Policy on Leasing of Property

F. Operation and Maintenance of Property

  1. General Policy on Operations and Maintenance of Property
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