Behavioral Standards

As members of the University System of New Hampshire community, including students, faculty, staff, we are committed to accomplishing our mission, realizing our vision, and creating and sustaining a culture of respect, trust, mutual understanding, and healthy relationships. We carry out our shared commitment by:

  • Learning, working, and living together in accordance with the highest ethical standards; 
  • Putting the interests of the community and those we serve ahead of our personal individual interests; 
  • Taking personal responsibility for our actions, decisions, and behavior; 
  • Working hard, with persistence and resilience, to accomplish our shared goals; 
  • Being dependable, collegial, and motivated in our work, study, and life; 
  • Recognizing the inherent dignity of all human beings and treating each other with courtesy and respect; and 
  • Actively supporting each other in the effort of all to meet these behavioral standards.