11 - 022 Fabricated Equipment


This procedure explains the way equipment fabricated by USNH is handled.

1. Definition of Fabricated Equipment: Fabricated equipment is self-constructed equipment having a useful life of more than one year and a total cost of $5,000 or more upon completion. Fabricated equipment cannot be purchased off the shelf. Fabricated equipment does not include upgrades to existing equipment and refers only to the construction of a new piece of equipment.

2. Why are Fabricated Equipment Procedures Necessary? Fabricated equipment procedures are needed to ensure that all items purchased for the construction of a single piece of new equipment are captured for capitalization. This procedure allows the charging of components to equipment account codes even when an individual acquisition cost does not meet the capitalization threshold.

3. Responsibility:

a. The Project Director constructing a piece of fabricated equipment is responsible for:

i. Providing notification that an item is being fabricated to USNH Property Control;
ii. Maintaining supporting documentation; and
iii. Providing notification that construction is completed to USNH Property Control.

b. USNH Property Control is responsible for maintaining the system to track acquisitions relating to fabrication projects.


1. Beginning the Fabrication Project:

a. The project Director should complete the top of the USNH 11-022F: Fabrication Project Report Form, prior to beginning the equipment construction and send a copy to USNH Property Control as appropriate. The form will let USNH Property Control know that a fabricated project is in progress and provides an approximate beginning and end date. It will also give USNH Property Control the information needed to properly capitalize and tag the equipment once it has been completed.
b. Procurement transactions related to the fabrication of equipment must include:

i. The phrase "Fabricated Equipment",
ii. The project name or the name of the item being built, and
iii. The name of the Project Director.
Please insert this information in the document text section of the Banner Requisition Form (FPAREQN). The text will then be brought forward into the Banner Purchase Order document text (FPAPURR) automatically. This information lets USNH Property Control staff know that charging this item to fabricated equipment account code 740005 is appropriate, regardless of cost.

c. Once a Ptag number (Banner Fixed Asset system record identifier) is created for the fabricated project, it will be communicated to the Campus Financial Division in order to be used as a reference number for all future purchase transactions for that specific fabricated project. For Banner PCard and invoice transactions, the Campus Finance Division should put the Ptag number in the commodity field to identify the fabricated project the transaction is assigned to.

2. Completing the Fabrication Project:

a. The projector director should fill out the bottom of the USNH 11-022F: Fabrication Project Report Form, when construction is completed and send the form to USNH Property Control as appropriate.
b. Fabricated equipment is considered complete when it becomes useable for its intended purpose.
c. Fabricated equipment is added to the equipment inventory upon completion with a value equal to the sum of the cost of components.

3. Additional guidance is also included at Procedure 11-022P: Preparation of Fabrication Project Report Form.

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