11 - 021 Screening for Existing Equipment


This policy explains the process involved in screening for existing equipment prior to the purchase of new equipment funded by federal grants and contracts.

1. Why is a Screening Policy Necessary? Government regulations require that existing equipment be fully utilized before federal funds are expended on equipment.

2. Responsibility: The project director on federal grants and contracts is expected to contact UNH Fixed Asset Management (for UNHD, UNHL and UNHM) or USNH Property Control (for PSU, KSC, GSC, and System) to determine availability and suitability of substitute equipment for a proposed purchase.

B. Detailed Operating procedure

1. General Screening: Before purchasing equipment with a unit cost above USNH’s capitalization threshold ($5,000) using grant or contract funds, the project director is expected to check with UNH Fixed Asset Management ( for UNHD, UNHL and UNHM) or USNH Property Control (for PSU, KSC, GSC, and System) for availability and suitability of existing equipment. In addition, a database is posted online at https://cems.unh.edu for UNHD, UNHL and UNHM equipment. If the equipment cost exceeds $25,000, the project director must receive written confirmation from UNH Fixed Asset Management or USNH Property Control confirming that no comparable equipment exists on campus. This approval is received after the Grant and Contract Administrator has reviewed the grant or contract proposal and forwarded a review request to UNH Fixed Asset Management or USNH Property Control.

2. Contract Screening:

a. Industrial plant equipment is used for altering the physical properties of materials, components or end items used in manufacturing, maintenance, supply, processing, assembly, or research and development operations. For industrial plant equipment purchased on a U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) or NASA contract and costing more than $15,000, the project director must contact the appropriate Military Service or Component Forms Manager (http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/forms/fpoc.htm) and request a copy of the necessary form to complete to obtain government approval prior to purchasing such equipment.
b. Automatic data processing equipment means computer components and systems, including peripheral, auxiliary, and accessory equipment used in support of computers. For automatic data processing equipment purchased on a DOD or NASA contract and costing more than $25,000, the project director must complete an Automation Equipment Requirement Form (DD Form 1851) and obtain government approval prior to purchase.


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