09 - 105 Obtaining a Purchasing Card

  • The Purchasing Card is right for a particular faculty/staff member if they:

    • frequently make small dollar purchases

    • are responsible for department blanket purchase orders

    • make purchases that are currently processed through petty cash

    • make emergency purchases

  • Step 1 - Complete PCard Application Form

  • The account manager may obtain the Purchasing Card Application Form. The cardholder must complete the form with the Account Manager. The Account Manager will then obtain applicable signatures and email the form to the Campus Card Administrator.

    Please note all information not marked optional should be completed. Failure to do so will delay or even prevent the issuance of a PCard.

    Why the Merchant Category Code (MCC) is important:

    • The Merchant Category Codes (MCC's) are a list of 4 digit codes used to place merchants into Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes based on the business they own. These codes are assigned by the credit card company based on the registration information sent in by the vendor; USNH has no jurisdiction over how a vendor is coded or how the code can be changed, if need be.

    • Each card is assigned one MCC grouping (Abroad, Air, Travel, Supplies, and Airline (department air card)

    • The Merchant Category Code defines the goods or services that each card is allowed to purchase.

    • At the point of sale, the Purchasing Card system checks the supplier's SIC code to ensure it is included on the card profile. If it is not, the system will not authorize the purchase.


  • The Account Manager is responsible for assuring the referenced fund-area-org-object lines (FOAPAL) are valid, as well as listing the responsible org on the application.


  • Personal credit references will not be checked prior to issuance of a card nor will anyone's personal credit rating be affected.

    Charges are paid directly by the University System of New Hampshire.

    All new/renewal cards will be mailed directly to the Campus Card Administrator. The cardholder/account manager will be notified via email when a new card has arrived. The email will contain specific instructions regarding how the cardholder will log in to the online training course in order to complete the mandatory training modules.  Renewed cards may require the execution of a new Cardholder Acceptance Agreement.

    Training must occur prior to the cardholder receiving their PCard from their Account or Business Manager.

  • Step 2 - Training Session

    The purpose of the mandatory online training modules is to ensure that the cardholder understands the policies and procedures involved with the use of the PCard as well as their role and responsibilities as a cardholder.

    The cardholder will be required to sign the cardholder acceptance section of the PCard Application Form and the back of their card upon picking up their Pcard from their Account or Business Manager. The agreement must be returned to the Campus Card Administrator.

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