09 - 109 PCard Transaction FOAPAL Corrections



Purchasing Card transactions are transmitted electronically to USNH on a daily basis. Each cardholder record contains a default account indicating where each purchase will be charged. The default FOAPAL account was specified on the PCard Application when the card was initiated.


Posting transactions

Frequently, the accounting information associated with a single transaction needs to be posted to an account that is different than the default account originally assigned. Changes can be made by the Account Manager or the Business Manager.

If a necessary correction was not processed before the sweep date, the Account or Business Manager is responsible for the correction by initiating a Zero Dollar JV document with the JZRO rule code.

Transaction posted in a prior fiscal year

If a transaction is posted in a prior year the Campus Business Office/UNH Business Service Center (BSC) should correct it by initiating a JV document with the JE16 rule code, in the current year. The Campus Business Office/BSC should request approval from Accounting Services for any late, 14th month entries before processing.


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