09 - 101 USNH PCard - Introduction

Welcome to the University System of New Hampshire's Purchasing Card program. The purpose of the Purchasing Card program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of making small dollar purchases. The program is meant to reduce the time between identifying a need and delivery of the goods. Under this program, the cardholder has direct contact with the supplier when placing orders. Whenever possible, a card holder should make every effort to purchase from the university vendors or preferred suppliers where a contractual relationship exists on behalf of the university.  If a particular product or service is not available through the university or a contracted vendor, the card holder may choose a qualified supplier.

A list of preferred vendors can be found at: http://www.unh.edu/purchasing/contracts.html

The cardholder is responsible for the security of their card and for all transactions made against the card. The Purchasing Card is issued in the cardholder's name and any purchases made against the card will be the responsibility of the cardholder.  The card is the property of University System of New Hampshire however, and as such, will have no impact on the credit rating of the card holder.

The Account Manager is the liaison between the cardholder and the Campus Card Administrator. Account Managers will need to remain in close communication with both their users and the Campus Card Administrator. Any changes in policy or practice will be communicated to the Account Manager with the expectation that they will inform their cardholders of the change.

In addition, Account and Business Managers will be responsible for reviewing, reconciling, filing and retrieving documentation on all purchases made against cards under their supervision. The documentation details, instructions for distribution/correction, filing, reconciliation and retention requirements are all discussed in Procedure 9-109, PCard Transaction FOAPAL Corrections and Procedure 9-110, Documentation and Retention of this guide.

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